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Truesdale will no longer be the chief executive officer of Jockey Club

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Nevin Truesdale, the Jockey Club’s group CEO is stepping down. His departure will be by the end the year.

Nevin Truesdale is the Jockey Club’s chief executive officer since April 2020. He was previously its group finance director and chief financial officer.

Truesdale spent almost five years at British Gas before joining our organisation. Truesdale has held various senior finance roles, including those in the financial sector.

Truesdale is expected to continue leading the Jockey Club for the next few months. The board of stewards, executive team and Truesdale will manage the transition from him to his successor.

The Jockey Club, under his leadership has grown in all areas of revenue and brought new partners into racing. It has expanded both its digital and customer bases.

Truesdale also has played an important role in the campaigns to address various problems facing racing. Truesdale led the petition against affordability checks in betting and took on illegal protest groups by 2023.

Truesdale stated that the Jockey Club plays a special role, as it is run to invest all of its profits back into sport. Over the last 11 years, it has been an honor and a career highlight for me to lead and work at this organization.

Together we laid a strong foundation for the future, which will allow my successor to continue growing the Jockey Club. It is also important that it invests in the sport it supports and communities.

Truesdale is praised for his outstanding contributions

Sandy Dudgeon senior steward at the Jockey Club paid tribute to Truesdale. She acknowledged his “outstanding contributions” both to the organization and the horse-racing industry.

Dudgeon stated that “Nevin assumed the position of Chief Executive at a time when the racing industry and business were facing unprecedented challenges.” He successfully navigated us out of the Covid-19 epidemic and the cost of living crises.

He has overseen significant improvements in the business, and the development of an extremely strong team. The board of stewards, and myself, are very grateful for his leadership. Nevin’s leadership will make our sport and business better. He has a long-term strategy to grow and strengthen our sport and business.

Dudgeon said Truesdale’s announcement of his departure now would allow the Jockey Club identify and name a replacement ahead of schedule.

Dudgeon stated that “by putting into place an orderly transfer, we’ll ensure continuity and a smooth transition to the new leadership at the Jockey Club.”

It’s business as usual for the moment. “Nevin departs with all our best wishes in his new career. But, before then, there are many things to be done and much work.”

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