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UltraPlay PR: Finalist at IGA

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Mathieu Herbaut has won the Player of the year award at the HLTV Awards Show presented by 1xBet for a third record breaking time. ZywOo and Team Vitality who won the Team of the year award have made a mark in 2023 after winning the final CS:GO Major held in Paris. This evening the French player won more awards than any other, including AWPer of the year and Highlight of the year in the Panel Awards.

The HLTV Award Show is the premier awards ceremony for Counter Strike. Some of the top talent has been recognized by the show’s organizers and community members alike. The Nigma Galaxy Women’s team won the award for Team of the year, Nikola ” zonic ” Kovac was named Opener of the year, and Danny Sorensen, Coach of the year. Robin ” ropz ” Kool achieved his best HLTV ranking by finishing in the top 3. He also won the Closer Award.

Lucas Aznar Miles, HLTV photographer and journalist, selected 75 images that span the history of Counter Strike.

Custom keycaps were given to the top 20 players of last year, so they could take it with them and play with a bit of CS History. They also appeared on HLTV Instagram.

The Counter-Strike Community is proud to recognize the achievements of the community and their contributions. The HLTV Award Show, now in its third year, is a curated show that highlights the best of Counter-Strike’s dedication, skill and sportsmanship.

Winners of the HLTV Awards are listed below.

Player Of The Year

  • Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut

Woman’s Player Of The Year

  • Ana “ANa” Dumbrava

The Team of the Year

  • Team Vitality

Women’s team of the year

  • Nigma Galaxy

Rookie Of The Year

  • Guy “NertZ” Iluz

Panel Awards are voted by peers in the community, including 5 members from HLTV Newsroom, 10 on-air talents, and 20 members representing 2023’s best teams. Panel Awards winners are:

The Highlights of the Year

  • Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut

The Opener for the Year

  • Nikola Kovac

The Year’s Close

  • Robin Kool

Antenna of the year

  • Emil “Magisk Reif”

Awper of the Year

  • Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut

IGL for the Year

  • Dan “apEX” Madesclaire

Coaches of the year

  • Danny “zonic” Sorensen

These are the winners of Community Awards, as voted by the HLTV Community:

The Talent of the Year:

  • Chad “SPUNJ Burchill

The Event of the year:

  • The BLAST.tv Paris Major

Created of the year:

  • 3kliksphilip

The Streamer for the Year:

The awards this year were an excellent celebration of excellence. ZywOo deserves the Player of the Year award. He has made a significant impact in the history of Counter Strike with his exceptional 2023 performance. We congratulate all of the nominees and winners who contributed so much to the Counter-Strike community. Next year we will be welcoming all of them as we prepare for another memorable year in Counter-Strike.” – Zvonimir burazin, head of operations, HLTV

Visit the HLTV Award Show Page for more details and highlights of this year’s show.

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