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Kentucky House passes gambling and poker bill

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After an amendment that would have mandated a daily limit of $1,000 was rejected, a bill allowing sports betting, fantasy sports, and online poker has been passed by the Kentucky state house. It is now assigned to a Senate Committee.

Kentucky House Bill 606 would permit operators to offer sports betting, fantasy games and online poker online as well as in person.

The Bill 606 allows wagering in only licensed racetracks or professional sporting venues in the State. Mobile apps and in-person registration is required.

The registration requirements will disappear in 2024 when all players over 18 will be allowed to download the app from anywhere.

The tracks and venues can only partner with one provider of online betting at any given time.

Online bets are taxed 14.25%, while retail wagers have a tax of 9.75%.

The bill passed its final and third reading by a vote of 58-30 in the House.

Two amendments were considered by the house. First, the amendment was passed to clarify that online taxes also apply to revenues and not stakes.

A second amendment suggested a limit of $1,000 per 24-hour period. The amendment has been rejected.

The Bill was first introduced at the end of February and passed on March 16 by the Committee for Licensing, Occupations and Administrative Regulation.

This bill is the same as Senate Bill 213 which was introduced last month in the Senate. The bill has also been assigned to the Licensing and Occupations Committee which is yet to vote.

Adam Koenig was the primary sponsor of this bill. He had previously tried to legalise sports betting online in January 2021.

The other sponsors were Alan Gentry Michael Meredith David Osborne Kimly Banta Rachel Roberts Thomas Huff Cherlynn Stephenson Cherlynn Banta Kimly Banta Rachel Roberts Thomas Huff

Andy Beshear, the Kentucky Governor, has spoken in favor of legalized sports betting. He had previously campaigned about it.

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