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ICE London: the most awaited iGaming show wrap up

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London, 6 February 2024 – this is a historical milestone for the International Casino Exhibition.

The final London edition of ICE opened with a spectacular show, attracting the attention of gamers worldwide.

Over 45,000 innovators from the gaming industry converged on ICE’s second day. ICE, the world’s premier gaming event for professionals looking to engage in networking and business opportunities continues to cement its place as the epicenter of gaming.

ICE’s final London edition bids a fond farewell with a filmic flourish as the curtain closes on yet another chapter. Both participants and organizers reflect on memories and relationships forged at this memorable event.

During ICE, a number of important awards were presented, such as the ICE Landmark Awards and Global Gaming Awards for EMEA.

ICE bids London goodbye as it eagerly anticipates the next phase of its journey. ICE is looking forward to the new venue in Barcelona, which will be welcomed by the gaming community around world.

Goodbye, London and hello, Barcelona! The 2025 edition of ICE promises to mark another important milestone in the history of gaming’s world-famous exhibition.

Main iGaming Conferences at ICE London in 2024

The event will be an important catalyst for growth with its expanded exhibition area, diverse conference sessions and international audience. The following are some of the major conferences held during ICE.

EBC (Esports Betting Conference)

The groundbreaking EBC event explored the intersection between esports, betting and gaming. It provided attendees with invaluable insight into an industry that is booming. The EBC was a vital platform for exploring opportunities and strategies. With esports becoming a revenue source for operators looking to reach a diverse audience, it provided an opportunity to learn about the latest trends. The EBC was a key part of ICE – the largest gaming conference in the world – and featured leading voices including game developers, betting operators and tournament organizers.

ICE VOX World Regulatory Briefing

The conference was led by Nadine Dereza, an award-winning journalist and international broadcaster who is also the Chairperson of the WRB of ICE 2024. This year’s event featured sessions that addressed pressing issues in the gambling industry. The ‘Global Regulator Town Hall’, discussions on “Easing Burden: Can Regulation Keep Up with New Technology?”, insights on Setting the Standard for Responsible Marketing’, and exploration of the Regulating Generation Z: Key considerations, challenges, and approaches’ were highlights.

International Casino Conference

This conference brought together top executives from the casino industry to discuss the direction of the sector. The ‘European Casino Association’s Opening Panel: Global Associations Panel’ provided insight into the collaborative efforts between gaming associations around the world.

Discussions also focused on ‘Creating A Global Blueprint for Gambling to Develop New And Developing Economies’, which addressed the role of gaming in economic development. It also addressed critical topics such as “Risks for the Gaming Industry: Illegal Gambling and Organised Criminality”; it explored new strategies to re-design the casino space to accommodate your hospitality strategy.

Main discussions with experts

During iGB Affiliate 20,24, experts from the industry provided valuable insights and guidance to help businesses navigate an ever-changing landscape in igaming for the next 12-24 month and beyond.

Highlighted Seminars Included:

  • Learn how to use artificial intelligence-led strategies to revolutionize SEO and improve online visibility.

  • Learn how to survive an ad-ban and grow your business in a constantly changing regulatory environment.

  • Discover the fundamentals and practical methods for scaling your affiliate business to achieve sustainable success and profitability.

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