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Episode 25 – Predictions on gaming regulations in 2024

by Bela Ksovreli
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After a festive holiday break, the World Series of Politics returns with the latest on the regulatory changes that the gaming industry should expect to see in 2024.

Listeners, happy new year! Brendan Bussmann, Brandt Iden, and their guests are back with a discussion about a Festivus Miracle in Brazil. They also discuss the growth of US sports betting and whether or not 2024 is going to be igaming’s breakthrough year.

Brazil has huge potential, but there are no integrated resorts in the country.

After Brazil’s sports betting and online gaming finally crosses the finish line we return to give the industry an early present. Brendan Bussmann believes that the market is huge and has a lot of potential, particularly after 18% was reduced to 12%.

He adds that there’s something missing. The mix does not include integrated resorts. The local economy could benefit from billions of dollars in revenues, but after the sports gambling saga we all know Brazil doesn’t like to move quickly.

Predictions for the year 2024

It’s time to make some predictions about where US sports gambling and igaming will go next. Brandt Iden believes that the low-hanging fruit is already gone, and it will be difficult to expand.

2024: The year mississippi finally goes digital?

Start with the things that are not likely to happen. Brendan Brandt and Brendan agree that mobile sports betting is unlikely to expand in Missouri, but it could happen elsewhere. Brandt believes that Mississippi, which was an early adopter of digital betting after PASPA, may be ready to go. Brandt also says the stars align in Minnesota.

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Brandt believes that Mississippi, which was a pioneer in the digital age after PASPA, may be ready to go. Brandt also says Minnesota is on track for a similar transition.

But it’s not just states that begin with M. In 2024, could we expect progress in Alabama and Georgia? The November ballot is a good option in an election year to pass legislation across more states. Washington DC could also return to the mobile betting mix after a failed launch via the lottery. Could we see operators moving in?

new york and maryland are in the mix for us igaming

Will 2024 be the Year of US Igaming?

Will 2024 bring about a breakthrough in igaming after years of shattered hopes? New Hampshire was unfortunately left out between the recording of this episode and its release, however, New York and Maryland were both considered.

Brendan and Brandt bet on US gambling regulation for the coming year. Another bottle of wine is at stake. Brandt has a 2-0 lead, but will Brendan be able to cut this deficit?

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