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ATG expands its fantasy sports offerings through Scout Gaming

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The former Swedish horseracing monopoly ATG, has increased its fantasy sports offerings after joining Scout Gaming Network.

The Swedish Horse Racing Totaliser Board’s customers can now play the games of Scout Gaming, a Stockholm listed company. This includes the SEK2.5m guaranteed Champions League knockout tournament where the winner of this event will get a prize minimum of SEK500,000. Launched are also a few English Premier League competitions.

ATG will join Scout Gaming’s expanding network of daily fantasy tournaments, and add more leagues and sports to the mix.

Andreas Ternstrom is the chief executive of Scout Gaming. He said, “We’re delighted to welcome ATG into the Scout Gaming Network, and to allow its players the opportunity to participate in the most intense and thrilling fantasy sports competitions, with prize money.

ATG stands out as a leader in the industry by offering fantasy sports. It is clear that fantasy sports take the enjoyment and entertainment of players to a new level. This leads to greater engagement, and ultimately a higher lifetime value.

Christian Erlandsson is the head of ATG’s sports betting. He said, “We are growing fast, considering that we only launched sports betting three years ago. We are thrilled to offer fantasy sports as it enhances the total offering we have.

Scout has launched Fanteam, a daily fantasy sports platform in the US. Scout’s quarterly revenue dropped by 19% between July 2021 and September 2021.

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