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Spain extends strict rules on lottery marketing

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The Directorate General for the Regulation of Gaming (DGOJ), Spain, has presented a resolution extending the controversial advertising rules for gambling to lotteries and brokers.

This resolution requires that lottery operators and brokers, and all other entities providing marketing services for the national Spanish lotteries must adhere to new rules and regulations which restrict and define marketing and advertising.

This mandate changes the way lotteries are presented online. The mandate includes, among other things, a national database to verify age on platforms online, notifying minors and others who are prohibited from participating that they can’t participate, as well as a seal that verifies authenticity on the websites.

Brokers will also be required to comply with the same regulations. Brokers must follow all marketing regulations and comply with any instructions from the lottery in order to be compliant.

The resolution extends the rights of lotteries, brokers and other related activities to those covered by the Law 13/2011 du 27 mai and its successor Royal Decree 958, 2020 of the 3 November.

The “Spanish Gambling Act” or Law 13/2011 from 27 May requires operators to have a licence. The Royal Decree No. 958/2020, issued on 3 November, contains a series of marketing rules.

It prohibits, amongst other things, promotional bonuses and restricts the broadcasting of TV and radio between the hours of 1am-5am.

DGOJ stated that this resolution was intended to protect consumers by extending the advertising restrictions on gambling to lottery advertisements.

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