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Puerto Rico awards seven licenses for sports betting

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The Puerto Rico Gaming Commission approved four sports betting online operators and three providers.

The Commission has accepted the Sports Betting Bureau’s recommendation to issue licences for seven companies. This includes five temporary licenses.

Temporary licences have been granted to the sports betting operators Ballers Puerto Rico Sportsbook (BPS), Liberman Media Group Gaming(LMG) and CCHPR Hospitality/Casino Metro.

Suppliers Swish Analytics Puerto Rico, and US Integrity were granted permanent licenses. Continent 8 Technologies PR LLC, Caesars Digital PR Inc and Continent 8 Technologies PR LLC have temporary licences.

Jaime Rivera Emmanuelli, executive director of regulatory body Jaime Rivera Emmanuelli said that in order to finish the licensing process the seven companies would have to pay a government fee based on their functions within the sports betting sector.

The operators will be required to pay $50,000. Service providers will pay $5,000, and Caesars Digital PR will pay $15,000 for the sole technology provider.

Rivera Emmanuelli stated that the sports betting market is growing thanks to the Puerto Rico Gaming Commission’s regulations. Online betting can be a source of employment and commercial space for entertainment. It will also generate income for the Treasury.”

The launch of sports betting online in Puerto Rico has been eagerly anticipated by operators and suppliers. Sports bets are only possible in person as of now, but the granting of licences is a crucial step towards launch.

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