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KRAIL suspends two Ukrainian state lotteries

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The Ukrainian Commission for the Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries, (KRAIL), has suspended the state lottery games Catch the Moment and Punalty.

Catch the Moment is an instant-cash lottery. Penalty, on the other hand, was a numerical lottery. Since 15 September 2018, Penalty has been running in Ukraine.

Both the Ukrainian National Lottery and Zigzag Udachy websites, along with their lottery paper Zigzag Udachy published the notice.

The 24th March marked the end of both suspended lotteries. The suspension was officially enacted on 3 April.

There was no explanation given for the suspension of Catch the Moment and Punishment.

KRAIL has cancelled the licences of three Russian-owned online gaming firms in December 2022.

KRAIL expressed its support last week for Ukraine’s entrance into the European Union and outlined measures it will implement to make sure that this happens.

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