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NBA and Inspired Scores Virtual Sports Partnership

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Inspired Entertainment acquired the exclusive rights to create virtual sports games that are based on NBA (National Basketball Association).

Inspired, as part of the agreement, will develop virtual games that are based on archived NBA footage. The NBA will allow fans to wager on the games.

The types of bets will also include standard wagering such as over/under and moneyline.

All 30 NBA Teams will be featured in the games, which also include NBA All-Stars, NBA Playoffs, and NBA Finals.

Kuljeet Sinhar, NBA Associate Vice President of International Gaming and Data Ventures, stated that virtual sports games continue to gain popularity around the world. We’re thrilled to be collaborating with Inspired on this exciting project to bring virtual sports to life with live game action.

Inspired is the leader in this field and will use immersive NBA game footage in order to provide an authentic NBA experience in order to reach out to our fans in unique and new ways, and to continue growing our fanbase throughout the world.

Brooks Pierce, president and CEO of Inspired added: “We’re thrilled to be able to provide basketball fans around the world with a one-of -a-kind Virtual Sports NBA experience. We will create a virtual sports experience that is truly unique by using archived NBA footage. It will include new gaming experiences that allow fans to remain connected with the sport.

Our partnership with NBA allows us an amazing offering. The partnership will help to elevate our customer’s brands, and increase their reach among millions of basketball fans worldwide.

Enjoying the growing virtual sports offerings at Inspired

Similar virtual sports agreements have been made with several sports organisations and operators. Inspired has virtual sports betting games available for National Football League customers.

In May, the provider also extended an agreement for virtual sports with Paddy Power. Inspired can continue to provide its products at Paddy Power retail outlets in the UK and Ireland.

Inspired has renewed the Paddy Power agreement several times.

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