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Lucas Lebleu is the LatAm Sales Manager at ALEA.

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ALEA is a leading player in the online gaming industry. It has its eyes set on expanding into the Spanish and Latin American market. Lucas Lebleu is ALEA’s LatAm Sales Manager. In this exclusive interview we discuss the current state of ALEA’s presence in Latin America and their strategic goals.

Lucas provides valuable insight into the changing regulatory environment in the last six months. He sheds light on new opportunities that arise as regulations change. He elaborates with a sharp eye on market dynamics on new opportunities unfolding both in Spain and Latin America.

We also explore ALEA’s future expectations as they navigate the complexities in these markets. Lucas shares ALEA’s vision of establishing a solid foothold. He emphasizes innovation, integrity, and a commitment towards responsible gaming as key components to ALEA’s future strategy.

We invite you to join us on a journey of exploration of the changing landscape of the online gaming industry, guided by Lucas Lebleu’s insights and aspirations and those of the ALEA Team.

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