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Loterie Romande achieves record profit despite weak jackpot cycle

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In 2023, the Swiss Loterie Romande saw revenues fall while profits and donations to charitable causes rose.

Loterie Romande reported gross gaming revenues of CHF420.7m (EUR423.9m/USD458.9m/PS360.6m) in its 2023 annual report. The CHF420.7m was down by 3.4% from the CHF435.5m record generated in 2022.

Loterie Romande, the provider of lottery games for six French-speaking cantons in Switzerland, said that geopolitical challenges and economic issues contributed to the drop. Swiss Loto, EuroMillions and Swiss Loto do not have long jackpot cycles. This has also led to a decrease in demand at the points of sales.

In 2023, 70% of French-speaking adults in Switzerland will have played Loterie Romande. EuroMillions was the most played game by French-speaking individuals, with 67%. Tribolo scratchcards (61%) were followed by Swiss Loto (56%), Rento (44%), and Tribolo (61%).

The largest revenue vertical remained Lotteries, with CHF152.3m. This was however down by 8.4% on an annual basis, partly due to the lack of large jackpot cycles. Tickets for instant wins brought in CHF135.3m.

Swiss Loto, EuroMillions and Swiss Lotto will bring 31 winners to the 1 million CHF mark in 2023.

Investments in financial investments can boost performance

Loterie Romande, despite a decline in revenue, increased its profits. In 2023 it paid out a record amount of profit to public utilities. In 2023, the group plans to donate CHF 243.7m for good causes. This is an increase from CHF 243.4m in 2022.

The biggest factor in the growth of profit was savings on income and expenses. Financial investments performed better than 2022 and generated a CHF5.1m net profit. Loterie Romande managed to reduce its marketing costs and administrative expenses.

This result is primarily due to our rigourous management of costs and the strength of our digital offerings, as well as the diversification of our products, with the European Draw Game EuroDreams launching in October 2023.

Nearly 5,000 projects will be funded in Vaud and Fribourg. Valais, Neuchatel. Geneva, Jura, Geneva, Geneva, Jura, Geneva, Geneva, Jura, Geneva, Geneva, Jura, Geneva, Geneva, Jura, Geneva, Geneva. The Swiss Horse Racing Federation receives CHF3.4m and the Swiss National Sport will receive CHF19.5m.

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