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They are on a mission to establish themselves as the world’s most trusted identity platform. Yoti was founded in 2014 by Robin Tombs, Duncan Francis, and Noel Hayden. Robin and Noel bring a wealth of experience in online identity verification, having previously founded and operated one of the largest online gaming companies globally, Gamesys. In 2015, Gamesys was acquired by Intertain in Canada, and in 2021, the entire business was acquired by Bally’s.

Yoti is driven by a passionate team comprising software developers, security consultants, and other talented professionals who are dedicated to enhancing the way individuals share their personal information, both online and in person.

Their journey commenced in 2014 when they developed a free consumer app designed to enable individuals to store their ID securely on their mobile phones. The Yoti app prioritizes privacy, offering a safe means for people to share their personal details with businesses and individuals. To date, the app has garnered over 11 million downloads worldwide.

Yoti has since expanded its offerings to encompass a range of business solutions, including identity verification, age estimation, e-signing, and AI anti-spoofing technologies. They collaborate closely with policy advisors, think tanks, researchers, academics, humanitarian organizations, users, and the general public, recognizing that this journey is a collective effort.

Importantly, Yoti maintains a commitment to keeping the Yoti app free for individuals. Their revenue model is built around charging businesses for identity verification services. They emphasize that their systems are designed to ensure that only users can access their own data, preventing any mining or sale of user data to third parties.


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