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Wolverine Solutions Group boasts nearly four decades of experience in the industry. Located at the heart of Detroit, Michigan, the company plays an integral role in supporting the city and its residents. With a workforce of approximately 200 dedicated employees, they have firmly established themselves in the Casino Service Industry for nearly two decades. Wolverine has nurtured enduring relationships with several casinos, boasting a roster of long-standing loyal customers.

In their unwavering pursuit of innovation, Wolverine recently made a strategic investment in the TruePress Jet 520HD, a press expected to revolutionize the Casino Industry. Notably, Wolverine stands as one of only three companies in the United States equipped with this cutting-edge technology. While currently licensed to operate in the State of Michigan, they are open to expanding their services to other states, offering competitive pricing in the process.

Wolverine Solutions Group stands as a unique entity with the United States Postal Service on-site, serving as a Beta Testing Facility for various postal changes that impact the Direct Mail Arena annually. Leveraging the latest and most advanced technologies in their field, they are committed to providing customers with cost-effective and precisely targeted solutions.

Their services encompass the provision of guest-accessible casino offers through Static Copy, online platforms, and mobile devices, ensuring seamless correspondence across all channels. Wolverine is proud to highlight that their existing casino partners have achieved redemption rates of 95% or higher, demonstrating their commitment to helping casinos reach their goals. They look forward to extending their expertise and services to more casinos in the future.


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