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UNI KILO BYTE Corp Limited is a company based in PANAMà that provides software products and solutions to the global online gaming industry. They specialize in software development, IT enabled services, customer services, and transaction services. With their technology expertise and superior customer service, they have achieved high customer satisfaction and changed the perception of the business. The Development Team has been successful in increasing its members and collaborating effectively to manage resources and create quality products. The company’s “Software Design and Development” function is divided into two departments: one for sports book, poker room, casino online, live casino, bingo network, and dog race, and another for development, integration, and custom services. They use various web technologies like PHP, ASP.NET, Flash/Flex, JavaScript, XML/XSLT, HTML/XHTML to create and support custom solutions and products for the worldwide web. They also incorporate WEB 2.0 technologies to enhance user experience. The company is driven by enthusiasm and innovation, and every new project is seen as a challenge for their team’s creativity. They follow efficient development methodologies and use unconventional solutions for each task. They are open to new challenges from customers, including e-commerce, corporate web-based solutions, enterprise web solutions, community portals, online gambling, booking, dedicated servers, and virtual private servers.


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