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Paul Lopez is an expert in Live Entertainment and Communications industries. With over 15 years of experience in the insurance field, he specializes in providing insurance solutions for businesses like yours, including Production, Audio, Video, Lighting, and event services.

Paul’s approach involves starting a conversation with you to create a blueprint that identifies, evaluates, and measures risk specific to your business. This serves as a diagnostic risk management checkup. The short-term objective is to assess risk, while the long-term goal is to design and implement an insurance program tailored to your needs. This program focuses on risk mitigation, reduction, and transferring your risk to a third party or insurance company.

To ensure a proper understanding of your business methodologies and practices, careful planning and discussion are necessary. Depending on your requirements, the program can include General Liability, Property, Umbrella, Commercial Auto, Workers Compensation, Manuscript Inland Marine form for comprehensive equipment coverage, International Coverage, Professional Liability (E&O), Premiere Consulting Services, and Risk Management Services.

As an expert in the Entertainment Industry and risk management, Paul recognizes the importance of generating certificates of insurance promptly. He also understands the significance of proper blanket additional insured language and the potential drawbacks of adding certain additional insureds to your insurance policy.

You can reach Paul at 949-579-9816.


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