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Superlive offers a unique microbetting product that allows our B2B partners to place over 90 bets during a single match. This innovative solution is based on high-quality scouting data feed, providing a more dynamic experience than any other existing product. Superlive is not just a logo, but a powerful tool that enhances the betting experience for customers, helps attract and differentiate from competitors, reactivates players, and makes sports betting accessible to a wider range of customers. With Superlive, players are presented with a simple choice of predicting what will happen next in a match. In-match incidents are turned into quick markets with results available in seconds, unlike traditional bets that can take until the end of the match. This allows any match to be transformed into hundreds of small games that can be bet on, increasing live betting turnover. We don’t compete with the usual betting offer, but rather extend it with new odds and a user-friendly interface. Our simple and fast integration ensures that our partners have a reliable and profitable solution.


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