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We offer digital solutions through four lines of business:

– Redwalking: An online advertising agency that focuses on creative and result-driven digital marketing solutions. We handle Media Buying and Selling, as well as SEO-driven projects.

– Elevven: An exclusive affiliate marketing group that provides high converting offers in multiple verticals, worldwide. We offer attractive payout affiliate programs and dedicated Account Managers to guide affiliates every step of the way. Our tailormade tracking and reporting platform, WiiMaxx, provides affiliates with a dynamic and transparent dashboard for real-time data-driven monitoring and optimization.

– VDesk: An expert in premium 24/7 Customer Service Support solutions for the online industry. Our services include content review, SEO content creation, minor recognition, translations, chat moderation, and support ticket management. We have a diverse network of native speakers in 33 languages globally.

– Merchsuite: A payment referral and consultancy service for the online industry. We offer secure credit card and alternative payment methods, along with consulting and ongoing data analysis services.


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