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Future plc is a media group that focuses on special-interest topics. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange. Since its establishment in 1985, Future plc has expanded its operations to the UK, US, and Australia. It now produces over 180 publications, websites, and events for individuals who are passionate about various subjects. Future plc holds strong market positions in games, film, music, technology, cycling, automotive, and crafts. Some of its popular magazines include T3, Total Film, Digital Camera, Fast Car, Classic Rock, Guitar World, Official Xbox Magazine, Official Playstation Magazine, Nintendo Power, Maximum PC, and MacLife. The company’s websites include gamesradar.com, bikeradar.com, techradar.com, and musicradar.com. Future plc produces more than 4 million magazines each month and attracts over 11 million unique visitors to its websites. It also organizes 20 annual live events that draw in hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts. Additionally, Future plc exports, syndicates, or licenses its publications to 90 countries worldwide, making it the leading exporter and licensor of monthly magazines in the UK. One of its notable specialist titles is WORLD POKER TOUR.


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