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Endemol Games has a history of more than five years in-house production of high-quality gambling products. They have demonstrated a proven track record in creating TV-branded games, original concept games, and third-party branded products for global distribution. As a global leader in entertainment programming and the largest independent TV, cross-platform, and digital production company in the world, Endemol is known for its worldwide hits such as Big Brother, Deal or No Deal, and Wipeout. With a presence in 26 countries across five continents, they annually produce over 40,000 hours of programming from more than 500 different shows in nearly 200 countries. Endemol has also earned recognition for numerous award-winning original digital productions and other growing online achievements.

Within Endemol, Endemol Games operates as a specialized unit dedicated to creating next-generation, meticulously crafted betting games. They produce and license highly successful TV-branded games for online, mobile, land-based casinos, and lotteries worldwide, striving to introduce fresh and innovative gaming concepts to invigorate the online gaming market. With a solid track record in creating branded games for TV shows, Endemol Games is also steadily building an exciting portfolio of original games for global distribution.

Endemol Games has been active in the land-based gaming environment for over four years, licensing brands such as Deal or No Deal (DOND), Golden Balls, and The Million Pound Drop. They also manage consumer-facing websites for key brands like Deal or No Deal Bingo, The Million Pound Drop, and Big Brother.

Endemol Games collaborates with lotteries to create online and offline products. Their in-house-developed Deal or No Deal Instant Win game has been one of the most popular online lottery games for the UK’s National Lottery in recent years. Currently, they are involved in distributing products to various lottery companies internationally, including territories such as Denmark and Slovenia.

To bolster their key brands, Endemol Games actively employs popular social media platforms and tools, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. These efforts are designed to strengthen the recognition of brands like DOND and The Million Pound Drop.

In the realm of mobile gaming, Endemol Games licenses renowned brands such as DOND, Golden Balls, and 1 vs. 100 to leading mobile game publishers such as Electronic Arts Mobile (EA Mobile) and Gameloft. In the past year, Endemol Games took a significant step by developing and self-publishing their first iPhone game, ‘Red Ball Challenge,’ based on Total Wipeout, in partnership with Tag Games.


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