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Our CAS solution, Casino Insight™, is a comprehensive tool that helps casinos manage their back of house Cage & Vault transactions and business operations. It integrates and automates all transactions, including cash, coins, chips, checks, and more, from multiple systems into Revenue Audit. With Casino Insight™, casinos can easily track the flow of currency within the casino and between different revenue centers, even across multiple properties. The system also allows the revenue audit team to reconcile data from external systems like Cash Dispensers and Recyclers on a daily basis. Casino Insight™ is the only solution that fully integrates Cage, Vault, and Revenue Audit, making it a unique and powerful tool for casinos. On the Revenue Audit side, our CAS solution merges data from all systems throughout the enterprise into an operational analytics tool, streamlining daily and monthly audits. By automating processes and eliminating the need for manual excel spreadsheets, our customers can save time and focus on making informed decisions. Casino Cash Trac and our Casino Audit System (CAS) modules are the only ones in the market that analyze every data point from cage, vault, player, slots, and revenue audit all the way to accounting, providing CFOs and CIOs with the most powerful operational analytical tool available.


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