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3OAK is a game development company that is supported by Frima Studio, which is the largest independent game developer in Canada. They are focused on creating entertainment experiences that combine the mechanics of popular social games with the excitement of real-money action. With the help of Frima’s experienced staff and technical resources, 3OAK is working on their own products and collaborating with other publishers to develop various real-money titles and free to play casino games.

Frima Studio is the biggest privately owned video game developer in Canada. They have been creating top-notch media since 2003, including virtual worlds, social and web-based games, console titles, and mobile apps. Frima also offers animation and special effects services through Frima FX, as well as concept art development through Volta. With a team of over 350 artists and programmers, Frima produces high-quality products that are both artistically impressive and technically advanced.


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