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Donoghue, former ESPN executive, is now the Senior Growth Manager at DraftKings

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DraftKings announced that Marie Donoghue was appointed as the new Chief Business and Growth Officer. She had previously worked at ESPN.

Donoghue’s new role as a leader at DraftKings will see her working with existing teams to identify new opportunities for growth. Her responsibilities will include spearheading internal processes.

Donoghue joined DraftKings in September after spending five-and-ahalf years with online retailer Amazon. She was vice president of Amazon’s US Sports Content & Partnerships division.

She spent 19 years in various senior positions with ESPN, a US-based sports broadcaster. Executive vice president of global content and business strategy as well as vice president of global strategy and exclusive content are among the positions she held.

Donoghue has also worked in the legal field. She was a senior director of legal for PolyGram earlier in her career. She also worked as an assistant attorney at the law firm Winthrop, Stimson, Putnam and Roberts.

Donoghue stated, “I’m thrilled to join DraftKings at this exciting time.” I’ve always admired DraftKings’ steady growth as an innovator in the industry. It is an opportunity for the organisation to further its position as a leader in their industry and to propel it to greater heights.

Jason Robins, CEO of DraftKings and co-founder also welcomed this appointment. Robins stated that Donoghue would be “transformative force” in DraftKings future success.

Robins stated, “We’re delighted to have Marie join our executive team. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience as a leader who is highly respected and regarded in our industry.”

Marie’s outstanding track record is a testament to her abilities. She will be an important force for our future.

DraftKing and Barstool could be partnering on sports betting, according to reports.

This news is a result of reports that DraftKings and Barstool could be collaborating on a sports betting project.

Sportico reported that the partnership would take a traditional approach to marketing. Barstool will promote DraftKings’ odds, and direct customers to its sportsbook. Barstool would never lend its brand to an app or sportsbook.

In a LinkedIn post, industry investor Chris Grove stated that both DraftKings as well as Barstool would benefit from the deal – despite Barstool not offering any betting.

Grove said that such a deal would also be a major blow for Penn Entertainment. Penn returned the Barstool trademark to its creator Dave Portnoy last August. Since 2020, Penn has been operating Barstool under its Sports Betting brand.

Penn now works with ESPN to create the ESPN Bet brand.

DraftKings’ CEO keeps a “close watch” on the launch of ESPN Bet

ESPN Bet was created as a result of an agreement between Disney owned ESPN and Penn Entertainment, Donoghue’s former employer. The deal is worth $1.5bn. In November, it was launched in 17 states.

Robins said that despite the fact that ESPN Bet had broken records in terms of sportsbook downloads, he was not worried about the launch. Robins said that the launch of EPSN Bet could benefit the industry.

Robins has also acknowledged that he will be “keeping an “close” eye on the launch.

Robins stated that they closely monitor this. We’ve not seen anything to indicate that our course is changing. But we are keeping an eye on it.

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