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Rene Jansen says the ball is in operators’ hands to curb excessive gambling

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Rene Jansen has said that it is now “in operators’ hands” to reduce excessive gambling after the amendments made in Responsible Gambling Policy.

Jansen’s last address to the providers was posted on KSA website. He spoke about the revised Responsible Gaming Policy that had been published earlier in this month in the Government Gazette.

In the revised Responsible Gaming Policy, a number of clarifications and adjustments are made for licensed operators throughout the Netherlands. These include the requirement for real-time tracking and deposit limits.

From October 1, this year, players will have to deposit a maximum of EUR300 for each calendar month. Players over 24 can deposit up to EUR700.

Operators must now block all deposits if players reach their deposit limits during the calendar month. They will also conduct a financial assessment to ensure that they can afford gambling over their deposit limits.

The financial verification must take place within an hour after the limit has been reached. Interviews can be conducted in-person, via phone, chat, email, or online. A pop-up on the screen or an online one is unacceptable.

Jansen stated that deposit limits were set in order to curb excessive gambling behavior and prevent gambling addiction.

The outgoing KSA chair, who is to be replaced on July 1 by Michel Groothuizen, said that operators need to do their part and review their policies for addiction prevention as well as how they carry out their duty of care.

Jansen said about the limits on deposits: “We are doing it to curtail excessive gambling behavior and also as an important measure for preventing addiction.

The real-time monitor obligation was also introduced, requiring operators to act within one hour of a potentially excessive gambling behavior.

“I’m very proud of the fact that this set of measures was implemented in such a small amount of time, and within current legal boundaries. These measures could have prevented many of the tragic stories that we’ve heard and seen in recent years.

The KSA wants to eliminate these excesses in the future. Now, it’s up to the operators to do so. These new rules should serve to encourage operators to review their addiction prevention policies, and how they implement the duty of care.

Jansen commented in his speech on the current state and future of online gambling, the Remote Gambling Act, and KSA supervision over the duty of care of operators.

The KSA chair also highlighted the gambling awareness campaign for youth, the advertising ban that does not target specific audiences, and the dangers of over-advertising during summer sporting events.

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