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Mizuhara, a former Ohtani translator, is released on bail in a case of illegal gambling

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Ippei MIZUHARA, the Japanese interpreter, who worked with Los Angeles Angels, Dodgers, and Shohei Ohtani, and has been accused of stealing 16 million dollars to pay gambling debts, appeared before a federal court in Washington, DC on Friday, 12 April, and was freed on a $25,000 bond.

Sam Blum of The Athletic tweeted that Mizuhara had been shackled upon entering the court.

This interpreter has been charged with federal banking fraud. The penalty is up to thirty years of imprisonment. The 9th of May is the date set for his arraignment.

According to the US Attorney’s Office, Mizuhara surrendered himself late on Thursday night (11 April), according to federal authorities. A Thursday affidavit states that Mizuhara had stolen from Ohtani in order to repay debts accrued by betting at an illegal bookmaker located in Orange County. California has banned sports betting.

Mizuhara wagered hundreds of millions during the ordeal of two years. Mizuhara also transferred Ohtani’s access to his account from the player to himself.

US Attorney Martin Estrada stated during a Thursday press conference that Ohtani had fully co-operated with the authorities in this case and was considered to be a victim.

Mizuhara must begin gambling addiction program

Mizuhara did not plead guilty to the case of illegal betting when he appeared in front of United States Magistrate Maria A Audero, on Friday 12 April. Blum was present at the Los Angeles courthouse and said that he must begin a gambling addiction program, can’t contact Ohtani, and is restricted in his movement.

The affidavit states that Mizuhara’s gambling addiction grew quickly after he began to gamble in September 2021. The affidavit states that Mizuhara repeatedly called himself a “bad gambler” but continued to request additional credits from his bookmaker.

A federal probe has linked the bookmaker of an interpreter to another investigation. This investigation involves former Los Angeles Dodger Yasiel Pugh, MGM, and Wayne Nix.

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