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HooYu launches German KYC solution

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The Know Your Customer (KYC), solution provider HooYu, has released a KYC complete solution for gaming operators on the German market.

The provider was previously approved by Germany’s age verification regulator (Kommission fur Jugendmedienschutz, KJM) and now offers several additional services that will help operators comply with KYC requirements and the anti-money laundering laws in their jurisdiction.

This solution combines identity data checking with the credit bureau Schufa with facial biometrics approved by KJM and document identification validation. It also includes video verification using live agents and screening for politically exposed persons (PEPs) and watch lists of sanctions.

With the Schufa Database Check, operators can confirm the name, date of birth and address of a client, look for fraudulent actors using deceased identities and discover linked addresses.

The KJM has approved the HooYu Liveness Detection, Facial Biometrics and Document Validation Journey as a pre-cursor to this system.

Jochen Biewer is a German gambling license expert, and the managing director of Chevron Consultants GmBH. He said that “The HooYu Suite of Services truly supports German Gaming Operators to meet AML and age verification compliance requirements.

David Pope, HooYu’s marketing director, said: “HooYu provides a KYC-orchestration and customer onboarding solution that helps operators not only to create KYC processes but to also maximise the success rate of customer onboarding.

German operators can use one HooYu API for age verification, fraud and anti-money laundering control.

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