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Barstool signs sports betting deal with DraftKings

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Barstool Sports announced details about a multiyear partnership in sports betting with DraftKings.

DraftKings has become the official partner for sports betting at Barstool. David Portnoy confirmed this news on his blog shortly after Super Bowl LVIII concluded last night.

This is the second time the two companies will work together. DraftKings teamed up with Barstool on a joint marketing campaign 10 years earlier.

Portnoy stated, “I am proud to announce Barstool signed a monster multi-year deal with DraftKings.” We’re going back to the roots. DraftKings has once again been selected as the exclusive partner for Barstool Sports. “The more things change, the more they remain the same.”

DraftKings has not yet commented on this announcement.

This deal was made just months after Portnoy reclaimed the Barstool name from Penn Entertainment. Penn Entertainment purchased the Barstool brand in 2020. It was operating sportsbooks using the Barstool trademark.

Last August, Penn formed a partnership with ESPN. After years of speculation, ESPN was finally allowed to enter the sports betting market by Disney. It also marked the end of the Penn-Barstool agreement.

Penn has agreed to return the Barstool trademark to Portnoy in exchange for $1. “In exchange for non-compete agreements and other restrictive covenants”. Portnoy now owns the brand that he first launched in 2023.

On 14 November, Penn’s Barstool Sportsbooks were relaunched as the ESPN Bet brand.

Erika Ayers-Badan, Barstool’s CEO for almost eight years announced her resignation. In a blog post last month, she confirmed the news but didn’t say whether Barstool had a successor lined up.

Ayers joined Barstool in July 2016 as the CEO. Ayers Badan previously held positions of senior responsibility with Bkstg., AOL. Demand Media, and Yahoo.

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