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Use of Responsible Betting Tools during Safer Gambling week 2023

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According to research conducted by the Betting and Gaming Council, responsible gambling among British consumers increased dramatically during Safer Gambling Week in 2023.

Safer Gambling Week, 2023 was the seventh annual edition. It took place between 13-19 November. The BGC, British Amusement Catering Trade Association and Bingo Association jointly run the initiative to encourage industry members.

The BGC released new data after praising last year’s event as its most successful yet. The BGC has released new data on the use by consumers of tools for responsible gambling during the past week.

The number of limits placed on deposits increased by 18% in comparison to the previous year during Safer Gambling Week. The number of players setting up reality checks increased by 300%. Maximum stake limits were also used at a 300% increase.

BGC noted that 83 242 account holders set deposit limits. The increase is 12.5% over the Safer Gambling Week of last year.

BGC has praised social media for its impact on engagement. Total activity on X (formerly Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) generated over 50 million impressions. Messages were also placed almost 30,000,000 times on social media sites, an increase of 70%.

BGC plans to improve further in 2024

Michael Dugher, BGC’s CEO and interim chair Michael Dugher, praised industry participants for their efforts during this initiative. Safer Gambling Week is a week-long campaign that covers both the land and online gambling sectors. Bookmakers, amusement arcades and bingo clubs as well as casinos, online gaming companies and casino operators are all involved.

Annually, the event is also supported by other stakeholders in industry, including charities, politicians, peers, and sports teams. The Premier League clubs West Ham United and Brighton and Hove Albion championed this initiative in 2023.

Dugher hopes to replicate the success of 2023 with this year’s new addition.

Dugher stated that “these new statistics show Safer Gambling Week is still a powerful advertisement for the increased use of safer gaming tools within the regulated gambling industry.”

Millions of people now play with safer tools, such as deposit limits and times outs. The regulated gambling industry is built on this foundation. It is in stark contrast with the unregulated, unsafe and rapidly growing black market for online gambling, which does not provide safer gambling, pays no tax, and doesn’t support sports.

Our members use these tools throughout the year. But a dedicated week bringing the entire sector together with the support of cross-party politicians, the government, and independent regulators like the Gambling Commission really boosts this work. These figures prove it.

The industry is more dedicated than ever to ensure that the millions of people who regularly gamble can do so safely and responsibly.

Safer Gambling Week takes place between 18-24 November 2024.

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