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US to launch first self-exclusion program in the nation

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In the near future, players in the US can self-exclude themselves from all gambling states that are regulated. A new nationwide program is expected to be launched in the next few months.

NVSEP will be implemented in the US by this summer, pending regulatory approvals and any other required requirements. The programme will first be implemented in New England, before expanding to other states over the next few months.

NVSEP allows users to opt out of the program regardless of their geographical location. The new scheme also brings together regulatory and public health information from all over the US.

The launch was welcomed by Dr Michelle Malkin of East Carolina University’s Gambling Research and Policy Initiative. Malkin stated that a self-exclusion program at the national level is one of players’ most desired tools.

Malkin stated that “conducting research into voluntary self exclusion showed the process could be confusing to those who are seeking assistance.” This is particularly true if the individual wants to exclude themselves from multiple jurisdictions.

The ability to use a single tool across all states to interact with will help those who are using self-exclusion to deter gambling. This will make it easier for people to understand self-exclusion, and may lead to increased engagement.

Support for self-exclusion from regulators

The company that is behind this new initiative, idPair, has developed safer gaming technology. The initiative encourages more gaming regulators in states to join the project.

Jonathan Aiwazian CEO of idPair said states don’t have to alter the terms of individual programs to become part of NVSEP. He adds that this solves the problem which has slowed down player protection.

Aiwazian stated that the current state programme will be coexisting with the new choice, giving the consumer the freedom to choose how many states or products they want to exclude, both online and land-based gambling.

While the current protections against self-exclusion don’t go anywhere, it is people who do. We look forward to working more with states in order to utilize technology and provide more protection to those most vulnerable.

Support for responsible gambling is being expanded

This isn’t the first national scheme to assist players in the US.

The National Council on Problem Gambling will be opening its national helpline in June 2022. Prior to June 2022, the 1-800-GAMBLER service mark federally registered was available only in New Jersey.

The NCPG and the Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey reached an agreement that made this expansion possible.

NCPG is now using 1-800-GAMBLER outside New Jersey, thanks to the six-year license agreement. The agreement covers all US territories, including the District of Columbia.

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