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Genius Sports signs sports integrity partnership agreement with IBIA

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Genius Sports has partnered with the International Betting Integrity Association to strengthen efforts against match-fixing.

Genius becomes an IBIA associate member. Genius will share information with IBIA on sports integrity as part of the deal, creating a powerful alliance.

IBIA will have access to Genius’ technological resources, integrity reports and other services. The partnership will increase collaboration in global match-fixing.

Simon Martyn believes that cooperation in the fight against match-fixing is essential.

Martyn stated that “our partnership with IBIA provides us and our partner with greater transparency on global betting patterns and will help identify, manage, and prevent any integrity threat.”

IBIA CEO Khalid Ali said: “I’m delighted we reached this important deal with Genius Sports.” This agreement brings together the two global leaders in sports technology and betting integrity, with an emphasis on protecting sporting events against betting-related corrupt practices.

Genius deal increases IBIA’s influence in South America

Ali highlighted Genius’ work in North America and South America, as being key to enabling IBIA’s influence in these regions.

He said that the addition of Genius Sports to IBIA as an Associate Member is especially welcome, given its wide range of sporting and integrity relations across North America and South America. This will help IBIA expand their operations in those regions.

Brazil is engulfed in a match-fixing controversy. John Textor, owner of Botafogo de Futebol e Regatas, has accused Palmeiras’ match-fixing. These claims led to the creation of a Brazilian parliamentary investigation commission.

Leila pereira, the president of Palmeiras, rejected Textor’s allegations in an appearance on CPI last week. She said that if Textor failed to prove his claims, then he should be barred from Brazilian soccer.

Jorge Kajuru is the president of CPI and he said that Textor must be expulsed from Brazil for “proving absolutely nothing”.

IBIA reports an increase in Q1 suspicious alerts

In its integrity report, the IBIA revealed that it received 56 alerts of suspicious bets in Q1 2024.

This was an increase of 64.7% over the quarter before, and a rise of 12% on the Q1 revised number 50 alerts.

The combined alerts for football and tennis accounted for 38 notifications, or 67.9%.

IBIA alerts in 2023 contributed to investigations and sanctions of 21 players and officials, as well as clubs. In 2023, IBIA alerts contributed to the investigation and sanctioning of 21 players, officials and clubs.

Genius ups estimates after strong Q1

Genius announced its Q1 Results and increased their 2024 Outlook following an earlier than expected start of the year.

Genius reported group revenue for the first quarter of $ 120m (PS 94.1m/EUR 111.6m), a 23,1% increase over last year’s same-quarter. This was 2.5% above previous expectations.

Genius reported a revenue increase of 14% on an annual basis for its content, betting technologies and services sectors to $73.9m. Media technology, content, and service revenue increased by 63%, to $35.5m.

Genius has increased its revenue goal for the group to $500m (up from $480m) and expects its adjusted EBITDA will reach $82m. This is a significant increase from $75m.

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