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Gambling Commission launches confidential reporting service

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The GB Gambling Commission launched a confidential online reporting service that allows people to anonymously report suspicious and criminal activity.

The Gambling Commission can receive a variety of reports and activities by using the “Tell Us Something in Confident” option. This includes match-fixing and betting integrity issues, concerns about money laundering, unlicensed gambling and criminal activities.

Uploading supporting documents and photos anonymously is possible. Email or postal mail can also be used to send additional information.

Users can also share their contact information if they want to be contacted regarding the case.

The Commission claims that the service is not a single-stop shop, but rather a way to alert people about criminal or suspicious activities. If consumers wish to make a complaint about gambling businesses, they can do so through the current complaints process.

As usual, the Commission will maintain its anonymous telephone reporting service for criminals or suspicious activities.

The Commission stated that “the tell us something confidential service” can be used by anyone who believes that their information relates to illegal activity as defined in the Gambling Act of 2005, or to any other type information they may believe could be helpful to the Commission.

Gambling Commission: land-based gambling to surge by 2022-2023

Last week, the Commission published its latest gambling statistics in Britain. The data, which covers the period April 2022-March 2023 shows an increase in gambling on land.

Gross gambling yield (GGY) grew 6.8% year-on-year to PS15.10bn ($19.13bn/EUR17.61bn). The gross gambling yield (GGY) of all licensed land-based and remote-based operators was up 6.6% from the previous pre-lockdown period until March 2020.

GGY increased slightly compared with the previous period after removing the reported lottery figures. The PS10.9bn was an increase of 9.3% in comparison to 2021-22, and 7.6% when compared with 2019-20.

Charity GambleAware has also released annual statistics for the National Gambling Treatment Service. The figures showed that people who experienced gambling-related harm due to online slots accounted for more than a third (33%) of all contact with support services between 2022 and 23.

During the time period, NGTS received 6,645 contacts. NGTS treated 5,621 individuals (85%), while 15% of the remaining people received assistance to deal with the effects of gambling.

Online slots accounted for 37.9% (of all contacts) of the treatment received. Internet sports betting came in second with 15.6%, and gaming machines at bookmaker shops were third on 12.8%. Each accounted for 10%.

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