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Australian A-League Footballers Charged over Alleged Betting Corruption

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The police in New South Wales have accused three Australian A-League football players of betting fraud linked to the yellow-card manipulation.

All of the A-League players, who are not named, play for an A-League team in South-West Sydney. They have all been released on bail and are due to appear before a court in the near future for further information about corruption allegations.

The NSW Police confirmed the news in a press release. They said the arrests came after an investigation conducted by the organized crime squad. This investigation is about alleged betting fraud under Strike Force Beaconview.

Strike Force Beaconview, which was established in December of last year, focuses on the manipulation of yellow cards. State Crime Command’s Organised Crime Squad receives assistance from the Gambling Commission of Great Britain.

Investigators discovered that a senior footballer was taking orders from another man in order to arrange for certain yellow cards during games for a profit. It is thought that the man involved lives in South America.

Investigators claim that the investigators manipulated the yellow card count during matches played between 24 November and 9 December in 2023. According to investigators, failed attempts were also made in games played on April 20 and May 4 this year.

Detectives from the strike force executed today, 17 May, a search order in South Coogee. A 33-year old man was taken into custody and to the local police station.

Later, he was charged with engaging in conduct corrupting the outcome of a bet on an event. The additional charges included facilitating conduct to corrupt the betting result of an event, and participating in a criminal organization. He was released on bail to appear in Downing Centre Local Court, 24 June.

More arrests in A-League Corruption

Detectives from the strike force executed three more search warrants simultaneously in Parramatta West Hoxton and Emu Plains.

Detectives in Parramatta arrested and brought a man of 27 years to the local police station. He was accused of engaging in conduct which corrupted the outcome of an event, and also participating in a crime group. Since then, he has been released on bail to appear at Downing Centre Local Court in Downing Centre on the 27th of June.

West Hoxton was the scene of the final arrest, where an 32-year old man was brought to a police station nearby. The man was charged as well with corrupting the outcome of a sporting event by engaging in certain conduct and joining a criminal organization.

A conditional bond was issued to the man, who will appear at Campbelltown Local Court 30 May.

No further details have been released. Australian Professional Leagues has confirmed that the arrests have taken place, and will be working with police to assist them in the matter.

The APL has been informed of the arrests by NSW Police of three A-League football players as part of an international cooperation on law enforcement focused on betting and corruption in relation to the alleged manipulation of yellow cards during games.

We are working closely with the relevant authorities to ensure that our efforts in protecting the integrity of this game remain unwavering. We are not able to make any further comments at this stage due to the nature of the police investigation and the ongoing investigation.

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