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Betano is now the principal partner of Aston Villa, in a new UK move

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Kaizen Gaming Betano has announced that it will be the principal sponsor of Aston Villa. It is now the front shirt sponsor.

Aston Villa is currently in fourth place of the Premier League, and has reached the semifinals of the Europa Conference League. A two-year agreement has been reached with the club to display the Betano Logo on the club’s shirts starting in the 2024-25 campaign.

Betano announced its sponsorship of Euro 2024 as well as Copa America 2024 after its deal with Midlands. These two tournaments begin in June.

Aston Villa’s President of Business Operations Chris Heck spoke highly of the potential excitement of this deal.

Heck stated: “Aston Villa shares a common commitment to excellence with Betano. On and off the field, we look forward to great success. “This collaboration is a new chapter in the history of both organisations.”

George Daskalakis is the founder and CEO of Kaizen Gaming. He added that “Aston Villa’s phenomenal on-field performance in Premier League and their return to European Football matches Betano’s growth and continued accomplishments.”

Betano makes its UK mark by acquiring Aston Villa

Betano has announced that it will be the principal sponsor of Aston Villa after the launch of the brand in the UK. This will be done through a partnership with BVGroup and Kaizen Gaming.

Betano will launch in the UK before Euro 2024 in Germany. Brands in Europe, Africa and America are already well-established.

Chief Commercial Officer of Kaizen Julio Iglesias Hernando said, “It’s a challenge for us to enter into one of the most regulated markets of online gaming in the world.

To ensure that you have a successful entrance, it is important to find excellent partners. It’s a bit like playing in the Premier League. Our top priority has always been to find the best partner. We found a reputable and well-established partner in BVGroup. “We are confident our partnership with the UK’s BVGroup will be successful.”

Premier League clubs have agreed that they will no longer accept sponsorship from gambling companies on the team shirt fronts after April 2023.

This ban will not be implemented until the season 2026-2027. Aston Villa and other English clubs in the top tier are allowed to promote gambling firms on their front shirts until then.

Villa’s own supporters trust criticised the club in June of last year after the club announced its principal sponsorship partnership with BK8 following an announcement about a future ban on sponsoring.

Aston Villa Supporters’ Trust called the decision a “cynical, last-minute effort” to profit from gambling sponsorships while ignoring gambling’s potentially damaging effects.

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