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Jontay Port pleads guilty to a gambling scam in the NBA

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The former Toronto Raptors offensive Jontay Port has admitted to federal charges of criminal offenses for his involvement in a betting scheme which led to a lifetime banishment by the NBA.

Porter, who pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit fraud by wire in a New York Federal Court on Wednesday has been freed on $250,000 bail insured by both his mother and wife.

Porter apologized profusely to Brooklyn Federal Judge James R. Cho for his conduct during the arraignment of Porter on Wednesday.

Porter could face up to twenty years of imprisonment after pleading guilt. Prosecutors recommend between 41 and 51 months in prison. Porter, 24, who has been undergoing counseling for gambling, will pay $456,000.

In 2023-24, his salary was $400,00 with the Raptors G League affiliate and the Raptors. Porter’s sentencing is scheduled to take place on Dec. 18, 2018. Porter faces forfeiture, according to the criminal docket.

Porter could be required to pay restitution for his breach of contract.

Porter gives insider info

A criminal docket in the U.S. District Court of the East District in New York. Porter was accused of providing insider information about gambling debts to a small group of conspirators. Porter was allegedly urged to leave certain NBA games before the end of their game to settle his gambling debts by co-conspirators who were also charged.

Co-conspirators included Pham Long McCormack Timothy Mahmud Mollah, and Awawdeh. Porter informed Pham on Jan. 26. that he would be leaving a match against Los Angeles Clippers due to injury. McCormack, a relative to Awawdeh and Porter placed parlay bets in the ‘under’ player prop market.

Porter was forced to leave the Clippers’ game with only a few minutes remaining. McCormack bet $700 on several props that Porter would finish under the total. Awawdeh’s relative placed a $10,000 parlay. McCormack and Awawdeh’s relative won $75,000 each due to Porter’s early departure.

Former NBA forward Porter also gave insider info for the game on March 20, against the Sacramento Kings. Porter informed his family, and the team’s officials several days prior to the game of an alleged food poisoning. Porter informed his co-conspirators of the “illness” and planned to leave the game on March 20, early.

Pham, along with his co-conspirators met in an Atlantic City Casino to bet on Porter’s “under” props as part of their plan to leave early.

A relative of Awawdeh is alleged to have transferred $65,000 via Paypal to McCormack ahead of the match before an attempted transfer of an additional $25,000 has been blocked. The geolocation records of the casino show that Mollah deposited $66,900 into a sportsbook on March 20, according to data from their location.

McCormack bet $8,000 on the Porter “under” wager, while Mollah wagered over $100,000. Former NBA forward played only three minutes for the Kings. McCormack made $36,000 while Mollah took home $1,000,000. The sportsbook, however flagged both bets for suspicion before they could cash out any of their winnings.

NBA opens Porter investigation

A report was made to the NBA and the International Betting Integrity Association for the suspicious betting activity of the conspirators. This report led the NBA to open an investigation.

Porter was banned from the NBA for life after an NBA investigation found that Porter had engaged in conduct detrimental to his career.

After the investigation, Adam Silver said: “It is a cardinal sin that he has been accused of and I will take the most extreme action possible to have him banned from the NBA.”

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