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Nevada’s gambling revenues to reach record high of $15.52bn by 2023

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Gambling revenue in Nevada reached an all-time high of $15.52bn (PS12.37bn/EUR14.46bn) in 2023, surpassing the previous annual record by 4.6%.

Nevada’s record total of $14.44bn was easily surpassed by the 2023 figure.

In the last year, the land-based slot machines were the main source of revenue. In 2023, the $10.28bn in revenue generated was 2.8% more than it had been in previous years. Multi-denomination slot machines generated $5.97bn in revenue, while penny slots brought $3.15bn.

Baccarat revenues will fall just shy of $1.50bn by 2023

The revenue from table games, card games, and sports betting totaled $5.24 billion. The $4.83bn in revenue for 2022 was 8,5% higher.

In 2023, the revenue from table games and counter-top card games in Nevada was $1.49 billion. The increase was 28,2% year-onyear.

The revenue from craps and roulette both increased by 1.8%.

Nevada mobile sports betting revenue reaches EUR240.7m

Sports betting revenue in 2023 was $481.3m.

Football betting generated $157.9m, while basketball brought in 133.5m, and baseball brought in $93.2m. Parlay cards generated $8.5m in revenue, while other bets brought in $69.3m.

Nevada Gaming Control Board noted that mobile gambling accounted for $240.7m in total sports pools revenue.

Revenues for December reach $1.43 billion

In the last month of the calendar year, revenue reached $1.43bn. It was 9.0% higher than December 2022, and 4.4% more than November 2023.

The revenue from slot machines increased by 6.9%, to $858.6m. Multi-denominations slots accounted for $559.6m.

The revenue from table, counter and cards games increased by 12.5%. It now stands at $574.6m. Baccarat generated $221.6m, blackjack $113.4mm, and craps 46.7m.

The sports pool revenues reached $59.1m in September, an increase of 7.0%. The highest revenue came from football betting, which accounted for $37.3m in the last month.

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