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National Thoroughbred League opens new Las Vegas Headquarters

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After announcing its new Las Vegas headquarters, the National Thoroughbred League has pledged to “redefine” sports entertainment.

In the NTL, which was launched in early 2018, racehorses are pitted against one another as teams within a league. The betting process is simplified.

In moving its headquarters, the NTL aims to take advantage of Las Vegas’ growing status as a hub for sports and also give it more opportunities to form strategic partnerships. NTL was also interested in the opportunity to increase its engagement with fans.

Tom Ludt stated that “we are excited to announce NTL’s relocation to Las Vegas. The move is a strategic one that aligns our league to a city where we share a passion for entertainment and sports.

Las Vegas is an exceptional platform that allows NTL to flourish, as it has a wealth of talent for sports betting and event management.

Las Vegas is gaining importance as a sports destination

Las Vegas hosted its first Formula One event in November. Oaklands Athletics Major League Baseball announced that they will also be moving to Las Vegas in the near future.

In moving to Las Vegas, the Athletics will follow in the footsteps the NFL Las Vegas Raiders. In 2022 the NFL will hold its draft in Las Vegas, and the Raiders’ Allegiant Stadium is hosting the Super Bowl next February.

BetMGM claims that 2024 is the year when it will “unlock” Las Vegas.

Las Vegas attracted 300.000 Formula One fans for the race held in November. Bet MGM received three times more bets for the Formula One race of November than it did in any previous F1 event.

Adam Greenblatt, Bet MGM’s chief executive officer, highlighted Las Vegas as a key attraction for its strategy of customer acquisition.

Greenblatt stated that “[20]24 will be the year Las Vegas is unlocked.” The reason this is important is that recruiting players in Vegas will cost 27% less than acquiring them on the open market. “They’re more than 1300% valuable.”

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