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GiG releases SweepX in the US

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Gaming Innovation Group has launched SweepX – a platform for social sweepstakes casinos aimed specifically at US players. The company has also formed a partnership Primero Games, which operates sweepstakes on land.

SweepX offers a dual-wallet store for rewards and redemptions, along with AI content management from GiG.

GiG’s real-money igaming technology is featured, and it is live already in Europe, the US and Latin America. The sweepstakes back office is combined with an AI-assisted layer of gamification and a library containing sweepstakes casino content.

A new set of binding terms for Primero Games’ strategic partnership is also being launched to coincide with the launch. GiG is a partner in the expansion of the operator into the social sweepstakes market.

Primero Games, founded in 2009 by a group of gaming professionals and software developers, develops equipment and casino games for the industry. Over 50,000 sweepstakes devices are operated by the operator in all 50 states. Storm Games, a UK content and retail studio as well as a UK retailer are also owned by the company.

GiG anticipates solution will power market growth

Andrew Cochrane is chief business officer at GiG Platform & Sportsbook. He said: “SweepX was the outcome of our relentless pursuit of excellence in product innovation for the online sweepstakes market.”

As a turnkey solution provider with a wealth of experience, our technologies and services have allowed us to create what we believe to be the most advanced platform, AI and data-driven social gaming solutions. This will power growth in the US market within the next couple years.

Primero’s CEO Barry Rutherford said: “GiG’s world-class platform will enable us to provide more content to our players and an experience that is unparalleled.” We are perfectly positioned for both the US and global igaming market by combining our innovative player acquisition strategy with GiG’s technology.

GiG is close to finishing split

GiG is moving closer to completing its planned split. Petter Nylander, Chairman of GiG after it published Q1 results in this month said that he hoped to finish the business split within Q3.

GiG split its two business last year: GiG Media, Platform, and Sportsbook. GiG has spent the last year in preparation for this move, which is still to come. GiG chose to present Q1 as the entire business to enable comparisons between years.

The group’s revenue grew 27.5% in the first quarter to reach a new record of EUR36.2m ($39.2m/PS30.8m). GiG Media, Platform and Sportsbook accounted for EUR28.0m.

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