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British, Irish and Japanese Horse Racing Industries form a committee

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The Joint Cooperation Committee was formed by the British, Irish, and Japanese Horse Racing Regulating Bodies.

Horse Racing Ireland and the British Horseracing Authority, (BHA), have teamed up with Japan Racing Association.

Its goals include the promotion of Japanese horses and the facilitation of travel between regions. The committee also has other objectives, including a greater awareness of the horse racing industry and establishing a partnership for regulation.

Joe Saumarez Smith will chair the committee, and he is the BHA Chairman.

He said that the British and Irish racing industries had enjoyed an excellent relationship for years with the JRA and wider Japanese racing.

We are thrilled to collaborate with the JRA, and we are extremely grateful for their support. The JRA’s support will only increase the participation of both parties in their respective races, leading to deeper engagement by fans and more revenue.

British Horse Racing aims to curb decline in wagering

The BHA is working to reduce what they call the decline of betting on British horse races.

The BHA has improved the prize money, quality and quantity of the races in its fixture list for 2024 to better support betting.

BHA has improved its Saturday fixtures while strengthening Sundays. BHA hopes that the new schedule, coupled with an increase in the quality and competitiveness of British racing will encourage punters to wager on British horseracing again.

The changes could improve the racing industry’s financial situation by around PS90m in a period of five years. Richard Wayman, BHA’s chief operating officer, warned that not all changes will be successful “immediately”.

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