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Allwyn now in charge of UK National Lottery

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Allwyn officially took control over the UK National Lottery today (1st February), 16 months after the Gambling Commission awarded it the license.

Allwyn, formerly known as Sazka and which has been running the National Lottery from its inception in 1994, replaces Camelot. Allwyn is now responsible for the National Lottery’s operations and products.

Allwyn beat out a host of big-name competitors to secure the fourth license. Camelot and The New Lottery Company owned by Health Lottery Operator Northern and Shell, as well as Italy’s Sisal, were among the rival bidders.

National Lottery includes online and retail sales of the main Lotto drawing, Set For Life and Thunderball as well as Hotpicks. The National Lottery also offers scratchcards, and UK-wide access to EuroMillions.

What should we expect?

The Commission has stated that the National Lottery’s fourth license will feature several new initiatives. The fourth licence features a number of new initiatives for the National Lottery, according to the Commission. Allwyn’s profits will also only increase if the returns to good causes go up.

Andrew Rhodes called the allywn takeover a historic moment

Andrew Rhodes, the chief executive of the Commission, said that Allwyn’s taking over is a historic moment and a milestone for regulator.

Rhodes stated that the National Lottery is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. “In those thirty years, it has had a major impact in the UK,” Rhodes added. The Commission, along with Allwyn’s government and Allwyn himself, is dedicated to making the Fourth Licence a huge success for both the players as well as the charities that depend on it across the UK.

The fourth license by design means that more money from every National Lottery pound will be donated to worthy causes, while still ensuring it’s safe to play.

John Tanner is the executive director of the Commission and the senior responsible owner of the National Lottery license. He also welcomed the new ara.

Tanner stated that the Commission was grateful for the work of colleagues from both Allwyn, the National Lottery’s new operator and Camelot, the departed operator. “Their efforts have helped us reach this successful point,” Tanner added.

The National Lottery will be even more successful in the coming 10 years, and many people have worked hard for this. I want to thank all of them.

The trickiest route to a fourth license

Allwyn had to clear several obstacles to obtain the license. Allwyn was named by the Commission as the preferred candidate for a licence in March of 2022.

Camelot, its technology supplier and International Game Technology(IGT), a criticised the decision. The decision was criticized by both Camelot and International Game Technology (IGT), its technology provider.

Camelot filed a lawsuit, alleging that the Commission’s communication was not honest. Camelot also claimed that its employees “were owed an explanation in a timely manner” regarding the Commission’s decision to not renew their licence. The High Court suspended the decision automatically.

Camelot finally retracted its challenge to the high court following reports in media that good cause money could be put at risk if a long case was dragged out. Allwyn was now able to move on and receive the license.

IGT was also pursuing damages. IGT, however, asked this month for the Court of Appeal dismissal of the claim. Since then, it has agreed to a new partnership in technology with Allwyn.

Camelot will remain at the table

Allwyn has acquired several Camelot-related companies, ensuring that the legacy of the brand will continue to live.

In February 2023, the group acquired Camelot UK which ran the National Lottery. The group also purchased Camelot Lottery Solutions, or Camelot LS earlier in 2023. Allwyn North America, the US-facing company has been rebranded to reflect this purchase.

Allwyn was able to prepare fully for the National Lottery. The Camelot UK purchase gave Allwyn a glimpse into how the lottery operated before it assumed its new duties.

Allwyn Army – How to assemble it

Allwyn has also put together an UK leadership team, as well as a roster of staff to provide support.

Andria vidler will join William Hill as CEO on July 20, 2023. Alan Artz was appointed chief financial officer in the summer of last year. Mark Smith Group Chief Technology Officer Mark Smith is the chief operating officer of Lotto NZ, whose CEO Chris Lyman.

Lucy Buckley, chief commercial officer and Gaby Heppner Logan, chief assurance officer and participant protection officer will also be key players. Martin Novak will be the chief data officer, and Alastair Russell chief strategy and corporate affairs.

Harry Willits is the general counsel, while Jenny Blogg is in charge of operations. Eddie Bennett, Paul Lumb, and Paul Lumb work as Transformation Directors for Operations and Technology, respectively.

Steve Parkinson (formerly from Bauer Media) has been hired as the brand and marketing manager for Allwyn UK and Mark Hughes, chief security officer.

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