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The week’s numbers: Darts Macau Brazilian bets

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CasinoBeats delves into the statistics behind the most interesting stories in the gambling industry. The latest headlines include Paddy Power donating seven figures to the Darts charity, impressive revenue in Macau as well as the latest important step for Brazil gambling market.


Paddy Power, main sponsor of the PDC World Darts Championship and the event that had the highest viewing record in the history of the finals, has donated PS1m (£1m) to Prostate Cancer UK.

Paddy Power announced that it would donate PS1,000 per 180 darts hit during the competition.

The total of 181 180s reached 914, a record for this competition. After the stunning PDC Worlds final in which world number 1 Luke Humphries defeated 16-year old Luke Littler and won the title, it was a total that had never been achieved before.

Humphires hit 23 of those maximums in the final against Littler. Paddy Power rounded up that figure to 1m PS as a goodwill gesture.

Rachael K. Kane is the spokesperson of Paddy Power. She told CasinoBeats that “we have confirmed just now we will round up our donation for Prostate Cancer UK to PS1m after last night’s record breaking final. The Luke’s helped break the record for 901 180s, and the total number of maximums between all the players was 914.

We pledged that we would donate PS1,000 for each 180 hit during the tournament. Rounding up the donation felt right after an incredible start to the Paddy Power World Darts Championship sponsorship.


Brazilian Lula Inacio da Silva has taken the next steps for the nation’s regulated gambling and online casino markets after the Bill PL3626/23 was passed into federal law.

At several government levels in Brazil, the inclusion of casino online games was contested. The Liberal Party of Brazil had spoken out against it.

In the final session of the Chamber of Deputies on 22 December, 261 members approved the bill that included language regulating online casino games.

The operators can request a licence for five years, but they must first establish a Brazilian company. These licences are available for a cost of R$30m (6m dollars) per skin.

After the President’s signature is received, the Ministry of Finance publishes regulations that will launch the federal online sports betting market and the Brazilian casino in due time.


Macau reported gross gaming revenue of $22.7bn, a 334 percent increase in the past year.

A bright year-end was a major factor in the numbers, especially when it came to Tourism’s global growth and Macau’s overall output.

The results of the Chinese market are also impressive, as they were achieved at a period when it was experiencing a slowdown.

The local statistics bureau DSEC has stated that China enjoyed a growth year in the third quarter 2023.

Robert Goldstein, Chairman and CEO of Las Vegas Sands Group, recently expressed his optimism about the market’s growth, as the company continues its expansion across Asia.

Goldstein said on LVS latest earnings call that “we are staunchly believers in the Macao growth near- and long-term.

LVS has invested 15bn dollars in Macau. It is the largest land-based market on the planet. As I have mentioned, the third quarter EBITDA is a strong increase compared to prior quarters. “Our retail business in Macau is far above pre-COVID figures.”


Stake, an online casino operator has just announced their latest sponsorship. They have signed a deal with Formula One to be the exclusive title sponsor of the Sauber Motorsport for the next 2 seasons.

Stake, as a result, will be the leading sponsor of Sauber for all of 2024 and 2025 F1 season, changing the name to’Stake F1 team ‘.

Edward Craven commented on the announcement: “We’re thrilled to be able to introduce a brand new identity and a powerful team name for our Formula One Team, Stake F1 Team, as we begin the F1 Season.

We are now in a position to propel the team into unprecedented heights, starting from 2024. In the coming years, there are some exciting activations that will change how you experience racing on and off track.

Stay tuned as Stake F1 Team speeds towards an exciting new future.


BetMGM is the new official sponsor for Premier League Darts, which will begin next month for a 17-week season.

BetMGM is looking to capitalize on the growing popularity of darts as the PDC World Darts Championship, the biggest event in the sport, continues its roadshow.

From February 1 through May 23, eight players will compete to win PS1m.

PDC’s Chief Executive Matt Porter said: “The Premier League is set to reach an enormous live audience as well as a global television audience over the course of four months. We are delighted that BetMGM will be our new title sponsorship.

The standard of entertainment at PDC’s events has continued to increase over the last 12 months.

As we begin the third year with the nightly eight-player knockout format, we are excited to work alongside BetMGM in order to promote this event.


Las Vegas Strip had a profitable November, with a 23% increase in revenue year over year. This was largely due to Formula One visiting the city.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board reported that gaming revenues for July were $1.37bn. This is a 12.56 percent increase over the previous year (November 2022, $1.22bn), and only a few dollars shy of the record-breaking $1.4bn revenue of the single month in July.

The Las Vegas Grand Prix brought in more visitors to the region.

Strip revenues in November increased by 22.63 percent YoY to $821m. In 2022, they were $669.5m. Strip revenue in July was $834.9 million.

The NGCB reported that, for specific segments, table games, card and counter games, and sports wagering all showed YoY increases, while slot machine revenues fell slightly.

The biggest increase was in table, counter, and card games, which grew by 44.49 percent to $505.55m ($349.8m, 2022). Baccarat, and Blackjack both exceeded $100m.

The slot machine revenues fell by 0.26 percent YoY to $868.8 million (2022 $871m), with the only exception being multi-denomination machines, which saw a 17.43 percentage jump to $541.2million, an increase of 17 per cent.

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