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The week in numbers: Kambi, Macau and the Labour Victory

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CasinoBeats breaks down some of the biggest industry stories. The impact of UK election results on the industry, the scrapped Kambi targets and illegal Macau operations are all featured in our latest headline.


After the news that the Labor party claimed election victory in Bristol in the wee hours, the UK gambling industry is eagerly anticipating a cabinet reshuffle.

KeirStarmer was disappointed, but it wasn’t the only one. The country lit up in red as they prepared for a new administration. Starmer must appoint the new Culture Secretary.

Debbonaire’s seat was lost to Carla Denyer (co-leader of the Green Party), after the Greens made the seat a priority during their election campaign.

The DCMS is the government department that has authority over Britain’s gambling and betting industry.

Stephanie Peacock, the Shadow Minister of Sport, Gambling and Media, retained her Barnsley South constituency, adding to the hugely successful Labour Party campaign.


The German gambling authority, Gemeinsamen Glucksspielbehorde der Lander has reported that the illegal gambling revenues could be as high as four percent of Germany’s GGR total in 2023.

The GGL published figures for gambling in Ireland last year and confirmed the illegal revenue, defined by the GGL as losses to players. This figure ranged between EUR400m-EUR600m.

These figures indicate that the black market is still prevalent in this country. They are equivalent to four percent of the GGR for the entire market, which was EUR13.7bn in total.

Online gambling generated EUR3bn per segment. This is 21.9 percent of total GGR. Sports betting online accounted for EUR1.8bn. Online poker and slots contributed EUR400m.

The regulator said that it had checked 1,864 sites over the course of this period and blocked 133 of them – including 87 websites offering illegal gambling, as well as 46 websites linked to black market advertisements.

The report shows that in total the GGL handled 438 suspected cases of illegal advertising or gambling during the past year. As a direct result of the hearings and prohibition orders issued by regulators, 63 black-market operators have ceased their illegal operations.

The GGL responded to the fact that several sites continue to operate despite the prohibition order. “Those who don’t discontinue their service despite the ban orders are usually based outside of the EU.”


Kambihas withdrawn its financial goals for 2027 due to “slower-than-expected” regulatory progress on certain key markets.

In February of last year, sports betting service provider started a review on its assumptions which formed the financial targets for 2027, first announced in January.

The targets included revenue two-to-three times greater than the FY2022 level – between EUR330m and EUR500m, as well as EBIT exceeding EUR150m.

Kambi’s Board of Directors, in reflecting on the target set by Kambi, concluded that although Kambi has made “progress in areas under its control”, there have been “slower-than-expected progress towards regulatory requirements in certain key market” which will likely cause revenue delays.

The board stated that following Werner Becher being appointed as Kambi CEO this past week, it would “focus on giving Becher its full support to execute on the long-term strategic plan and extend Kambi’s leadership as the leading sports betting provider in the world”.

The board also stated that Becher will evaluate and share the long-term targets with Kambi.


93 arrests have taken place following an investigation of an illegal gambling operation that took place in Macau Hong Kong, and Guangdong Province.

A report from government officials states that the operation was conducted in a number of Macau’s major casinos.

The police also found that the European Football Championships, which are currently taking place in Germany, was the main focus of the syndicate. It offered better odds than the legitimate bookmakers for this tournament.

The operation was in place from 2016, and law enforcement officials were waiting for the best moment to arrest the criminal syndicate.

The group also ran an illegal casino and gaming operation in Macau, which was shut down by officials during the investigation.

A customs officer was one of those arrested. It was revealed that the illegal operation was a cross-border collusion.

China has warned against the use of offshore betting and casinos and conducted an investigation that led to arrests.


The Empire State regulator suggested a June 27th, 2025 deadline for casinos to apply for one of three commercial licenses in the downstate New York area.

New York Gaming Facility Location Board (which oversees the commercial casino licensing processes for New York’s downstate) unanimously made the decision.

It is contrary to the deadline of August 31, 2024 stipulated by Senator Joseph Addabbo S9673A which was passed earlier this month through both the US House of Representatives and Senate.

In a meeting held last Thursday, the Gaming Facility Location Board said that the deadline of the summer’s end was too short and not in line with the law.

Stuart Rabinowitz, a board member said that the deadline of August 2024 is too early as “it would put potential applicants under pressure and favor some while disfavoring others”.

The June 2025 deadline is considered far enough away for applicants to prepare, but also early enough for board members to consider all applications thoroughly before the December 31st, 2025 approval deadline.

S9673A, which was approved by the Legislature, is awaiting Governor Kathy Hochul’s signature. If signed, August will still be the deadline.

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