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iGaming talks: Olga Bajela of Stakelogic.

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We’re delighted to have Olga Bajela as the Chief Commercial officer at Stakelogic join us this week for iGaming Talks.

Olga will discuss Stakelogic’s position as a leader in the iGaming industry, their goals and recent milestones. She’ll also give her outlook on 2024. Discover the details of Stakelogic’s newest addition, Super Wheel ™ and how it will impact their growing portfolio.

TheGamblest: Olga, let’s delve into the backstory of Stakelogic and explore what it brings to the table. What’s its origin story, and what unique offerings does it provide?

Olga Stakelogic is a company founded to innovate the online gambling industry. We do this by creating state-of the-art games with advanced technology that enhance the player’s experience. Our games are distinguished by our Super Wheel and our advanced animation technique. We focus on creating highly-animated, graphically intense slot games, which offer more than just gameplay. They also provide a thrilling player experience.

TheGamblest: Could you highlight Stakelogic’s recent achievements in the fast-paced iGaming industry and its current position? Also, what are your expectations for Stakelogic’s direction in 2024?

Olga Stakelogic recently expanded its market by signing strategic partnerships with other companies and obtaining certifications which allow it to be active in new geographies. Our portfolio has grown consistently with innovative games and creatively challenging titles. In 2024, our goal is to expand into new areas and enhance our offering with the latest technology.

TheGamblest: We would love to know what distinguishes Stakelogic from competitors in the expanding iGaming B2B market. Additionally, what new updates does Stakelogic bring to the table today?

Olga Stakelogic is distinguished by its relentless pursuit of quality and innovation. Our goal is to create experiences for players that go beyond online slots or live dealer games. We are proud to announce today updates to our game mechanics, and new features designed to create a more interactive and immersive gaming experience.

TheGamblest: You have recently launched Super Wheel™, how does it enhance Stakelogic’s gaming portfolio, merging the excitement of slot gameplay with the immersive ambiance of a live casino? Could you walk us through its functionality and what sets it apart?

Olga The Super Wheel ™ blends the excitement of slot games with the glamour and excitement of live casinos. The feature involves a wheel with many layers, giving players multiple opportunities to win. The Super Wheel feature is activated when a player plays an Stakelogic online slot, which adds an extra layer of excitement. Super Wheel(tm), a unique feature, allows players to be transported into another studio when they land on certain bonus sections of the wheel, such as Vegas Diamonds or Vegas Hold n’ Spin. The transition from one live studio to another adds an extra layer of excitement, making each session unique. Live hosts and real time gaming enhance the overall experience. It transforms it from an ordinary slot machine to a highly interactive, engaging and immersive live casino. The Super Wheel ™ feature will be soon implemented into slots developed by other developers. This will expand its influence and reach in the iGaming sector.

TheGamblest: Olga, could you provide more details about the upcoming launch of Vegas Royale Super Wheel, which introduces a new concept where Super Wheel transforms into a live game show? How does this innovative approach enhance the gaming experience, and what can players expect from this exciting new venture?

Olga : Prepare yourself to feel the adrenaline-pumping excitement of Vegas when you play Vegas Royale Super Wheel From start to finish, immerse your self in an unforgettable Vegas experience with two exciting Bonus features. Direct integration of Stakelogic Super Wheel allows players to enjoy the live show directly in Vegas Royale and multiply their winnings. A progressive multiplier is included in the second bonus feature, which will have players on edge for each spin. Be prepared to be taken away by the glamour and glitz as you embark upon an experience like none other. Spin the reels to feel the excitement and be immersed in the Vegas light. Vegas Royale will provide you with a unique, innovative and exciting slots experience.

TheGamblest: Other than that, Stakelogic also got Progressive Live Jackpot. How does the Money Wheel game show approach differentiate it from traditional jackpots and set a new standard for progressive jackpots in the industry?

Olga The Progressive Live Jackpot is a Money Wheel Game Show format that allows the players to feel the thrill of progressive jackpots live. The transparency of the winnings creates a community and suspenseful environment as players watch in real time and predict potential jackpots.

TheGamblest: To move on from the previous questions and finalize our interview our readers would like to know more about you Olga. What activities do you enjoy after an intensive working day?

Olga : I enjoy relaxing with my family, and Fira my dog, after a long day. Balance is important to me, whether it be a relaxing evening at home or an exciting trip. I love sports to stay active. Yoga, squash and fencing are all great ways to maintain energy while maintaining mindfulness.

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