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iGaming Talks: Interview with Uplatform’s Nelli Melik

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Another week another iGaming Talks, where we are excited to welcome Nelli Melik, the Head of Sales at Uplatform.

Nelli will explore Uplatform’s significant role as a top supplier in the iGaming industry. She’ll discuss the company’s background, briefly presenting the history and an overview of its services and products. Get ready to learn about more iGaming insights on the major challenges that operators encounter in various regions and how these challenges differ geographically.

TheGamblest: Nelli, let’s start by delving into the background of Uplatform. Could you provide us with a brief overview of its history and what services or products it provides?

Nelli: Certainly! Uplatform is a dynamic brand which was established by the industry veterans with the goal to cover the needs and demands in iGaming. We are known for our innovative sports betting and casino platform, which comprises a diverse sportsbook with over 200 sports, a substantial portfolio of Esports titles, and an extensive casino collection. Our services include comprehensive back-office management, over 500 payment solutions, marketing and localization tools. Our focus is on delivering tailored solutions and ongoing support to ensure our clients’ long-term growth and success.

TheGamblest: How does Uplatform distinguish itself from competitors within the rapidly expanding iGaming B2B market?

Nelli: Uplatform stands out through its exceptional adaptability and client-centered approach. We provide a customizable platform with a vast range of services and offerings, ensuring we meet the unique needs of each client. Our dedication to innovation is evident in our diverse portfolio and advanced back-office management tools. Furthermore, our comprehensive support and consultancy services ensure clients can effectively navigate market challenges and achieve sustainable success, setting us apart from our competitors in the iGaming B2B market.

TheGamblest: As a B2B company working with operators, can you tell us what are some of the most prominent challenges operators face in different regions, and how do these challenges vary across geographical areas?

Nelli: Challenges heavily depend on the region of the operation. For example, European operators struggle with the stringent regulatory requirements, and market saturation makes it hard to start a project which stands out from the rest. In Asia, operators often navigate complex local regulations and payment processing difficulties. In Latin America, the primary challenges include emerging market conditions and varying levels of internet infrastructure. Uplatform addresses these challenges by assessing the risks and difficulties prior to the launch and providing tailored solutions. Our localized content, diverse payment options, and regulatory compliance support ensure our clients can operate smoothly and profitably in any market.

TheGamblest: In your experience, what strategies have proven effective in overcoming the diverse challenges encountered by operators in various regions?

Nelli: Effective strategies include tailoring content and services to local preferences, which helps in engaging users and meeting regulatory requirements. Providing multiple payment solutions ensures smooth transactions in regions with varying financial infrastructures. Staying compliant with local regulations is crucial, and we support our clients by offering regulatory compliance services. Additionally, leveraging data analytics helps operators understand market trends and user behavior, enabling them to make informed decisions. Comprehensive customer support and continuous innovation also play key roles in addressing and overcoming regional challenges.

TheGamblest: Can you provide examples of innovative solutions or best practices implemented to address the unique obstacles faced by operators?

Nelli: Absolutely. We’ve developed advanced localization tools to customize content for various languages and cultural contexts, enhancing user engagement. Our platform supports a wide array of payment methods, ensuring smooth transactions across different regions. We also leverage robust data analytics to help operators understand user behavior and market trends, facilitating better decision-making. Moreover, we offer extensive regulatory compliance support to navigate complex legal landscapes, ensuring operators remain compliant and avoid potential issues. These strategies collectively help address regional challenges effectively.

TheGamblest: Nelli, Uplatform provides its operator partners with turnkey solutions, can you present a little the service and its specifications for potential partnerships?

Nelli: Our turnkey solutions offer a comprehensive package that includes a platform with the reporting and marketing tools, an extensive in-house built and supported sportsbook with over 200 sports and more than 1m monthly pre-match events, a rich casino portfolio with over 250 game providers, and a large Esports selection. We provide advanced back-office management tools, diverse payment options, and tailored marketing strategies if our partners request consultancy service. Additionally, our platform is customizable to meet specific client needs, ensuring seamless launch and operation. We also offer regulatory compliance support and expert consultancy to help operators succeed in various markets. This holistic approach makes our turnkey solution ideal for potential partners looking to enter or expand in the iGaming industry.

TheGamblest: How do you sustain long-term partnerships effectively, and what are the most recent collaborations your company has forged within the industry?

Nelli: We sustain long-term partnerships by prioritizing client needs, offering continuous support, and adapting to market changes. Our personalized consultancy and advanced analytics help partners achieve sustainable growth. Recently, we’ve collaborated with several prominent content providers such as Tom Horn and Game Art to enhance our casino portfolio with their unique games. These and other partnerships focus on shaping our technology, portfolio and tools to meet with the greater ideas and goals of our partners and to remain competitive and profitable in the market.

TheGamblest: Uplatform has also launched Casino Aggregator, can you briefly present the product?

Nelli: Of course! The Casino Aggregator by Uplatform is a comprehensive solution that brings together a vast array of casino games from various top-tier providers into a single platform. It offers operators access to hundreds of slots, table games, live dealer games, and more, ensuring a rich and diverse gaming experience for their users. This product simplifies integration, streamlines management, and provides detailed analytics to optimize performance, making it an essential tool for any operator looking to enhance their casino offerings.

TheGamblest: We are already in the middle of Q2, do you have any significant plans or updates for 2024 that you’d want to share with our readers?

Nelli: Yes, we have exciting plans for 2024. We are expanding our sports and esports offerings with new titles and enhancing our live casino experience with additional game varieties. We are also launching innovative features in our analytics platform to provide deeper insights and improve decision-making for our partners. Furthermore, we are strengthening our global reach by entering new markets and forging strategic partnerships to ensure our clients continue to thrive in the competitive iGaming landscape.

TheGamblest: Nelli, we’d love to learn more about you personally. How did you enter the iGaming world and how did your experience started?

Nelli: I entered the industry by chance over nine years ago at the renowned company BetConstruct as a customer support agent. There, I soon advanced to an account manager position and eventually moved into the commercial department as a business development manager. My career progressed through several senior sales and business development roles in iGaming, where I expanded market reach and brought in significant revenues. This journey of continuous learning and adaptation has brought me to Uplatform, where I now leverage my extensive experience to drive success for our partners.

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