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iGaming talks: interview with Delasport’s Oren Cohen Schwartz

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Delasport is making significant progress in the iGaming industry. What is the status of Delasport in the industry? And what are your plans for the fourth quarter of 2023.

Oren: Our hard work pays off, and we are revolutionizing player experience for iGaming. This year, our approach to going beyond content has been incredibly successful. We not only managed to win several awards, but also entered several new markets, signed deals with partner companies like EEG Videoslots Campeon Gaming Bejoynd and others.

We’re maintaining the same pace in Q4. In the Casino vertical, we just launched something new: The Cross-providers Jackpot. It was showcased at SIGMA, and so far the response has been amazing. As the year ends, we are not going to slow down. We will sign new deals before the year is over and introduce new features in Q1 of 2024.

Delasport also developed recently exclusive features and functionalities within its platform. Delasport’s flagship products and services are driving Delasport’s highest growth in sales.

Oren: We will be enhancing our signature suite of personalization ‘My Era” in 2023. The sportsbook includes three features which enhance player retention and experience. These features include My Sportsbook and My Event Builder. In a time of increasing content, I am convinced that personalization and an individualized approach are the best ways to keep up with the competition. The results are impressive. We have seen a huge increase in the retention of players, and our partners are seeing a similar boost.

Thanks to our success with our engagement suite as our main product, we are now developing our proprietary features for personalization. We’ll announce one of them very soon.

TheGamblest has faced many challenges in the industry. How does Delasport approach these challenges and provide effective solutions for operators?

Oren: We face challenges in the industry, and they’re a big part of any successful business. We have two approaches to solving them. Delasport has many industry specialists with years of expertise. One of the ways we tackle problems is to find solutions internally. We also like to talk directly with our partners. Our partners are highly intelligent, savvy iGaming professionals who we hold in high regard. They usually have the answers that we seek.

Oren: What do you consider to be the main obstacles that casino operators face in today’s iGaming market?

Oren: Going beyond the content of each operator is their oxygen in a sea of similarity. In this vertical it is very difficult to stand out from the crowd, as all casino operators share the same content. We’re preparing a special product for the iGaming industry.

A second problem they have is with respect to regulatory compliance and responsible gaming. Filippo Ferri, our Chief Compliance Officer, recently addressed the issue of social responsibility and protection for players at an official panel discussion. This topic occupies a high priority in our company. We only work with providers who offer the highest quality tools and services for player protection.

As a well-established business, we take our responsibilities as iGaming businesses very seriously.

It is becoming increasingly important to personalize iGaming. Delasport: How do you emphasize personalization and what are the advantages for operators and players that it brings?

Oren: In today’s world, we make it a point to emphasize the importance of individualization. In the media, conferences and meetings with customers, partners and current clients, we talk about personalization.

Netflix is a shining example of how personalization has exploded in the entertainment industry. Netflix offers personalized content based on the user’s preferences. It is now time for iGaming to learn from these examples.

The features in ‘My Era’ are examples of exactly that: Players can play how they like and only see what they choose to see. The ‘My Era” features are examples that show exactly what we mean.

After a wizard menu is completed, ‘My Sportsbook,’ allows sports bettors to customize the homepage to show only the information they are interested in.

My Event Builder allows players to customize their events. You can compare, for example, the performance of a global major team against a local player.

The ‘If Bet” feature is an innovative and creative way to allow bettors link multiple selections into a single bet, automating several consecutive bets.

A personal trader is another feature in our Sportsbook Solution. After placing a wager, players can connect with a live person to receive a better, possibly different offer. After receiving the offer, the player may choose to accept it or continue with his original bet.

In the age of chatbots and AI we will never tire of telling you how vital it is that players are made to feel valued and important.

Oren: Engaging tools can also be a differentiator. Features like tournaments, levels, minigames and missions help with not just retention, but also conversions and the overall experience. We know how to make the best use of these features, and this is the key to the success of our partners.

As an operator, you should always remember to talk to your players on a daily basis. Ask for as much information as you can from the customer service specialists. The players know what they like to play and in which way.

We have regular proactive conversations with our business partners, even though our focus is B2B. This allows us to keep up with the latest trends and ensure that our products, services, and features are to their satisfaction. This is sometimes how feature ideas come to be. This is all in accordance with market regulations.

Could you explain the specific roles and responsibilities that B2B platforms like Delasport play in helping operators to overcome and solve these problems?

Oren: Sometimes, operators entrust their entire operation to us when they choose us. This is a responsibility we take very seriously. We make sure that the operator feels safe, and so do their players. The platform we use is designed to allow for continual additions and modifications. Delasport’s compliance and product teams are always on the hunt for new and useful tools or services that can be integrated to help our partners grow their businesses with ease. The team is responsible for a wide range of issues, including but not limited to: Responsible gambling, KYC and AML, Player Engagement, Payout, Customer Support, etc.

We’d love to know more about you and your career in the iGaming sector. Oren, when did you start in this industry, can you tell us about the key moments in your career and give newbies some valuable insights?

Oren: I’ve invested a lot of time in iGaming. Today, my life is a culmination of not only successes but also burns and scars. Delasport has a strategy that I am confident in, as the team’s experience over many years is evident. In the past 15 years I have held key positions in technology, product, operations, and business at B2C Platform and B2B content provider companies. Prior to joining Delasport I gained first-hand knowledge in B2C companies like William Hill, Superbet and Skywind Group, and B2B firms such as EveryMatrix. I would advise newbies to see the world through “its eyes” and to be curious, to remain hard-working, to develop a strong desire to understand players, operators and regulators, to seek out ways to better serve them, to always stay motivated and to never stop learning. Find a company that you love to work at and, more importantly, a manager who will help to inspire and develop you.

Some individuals and organisations in iGaming are “sleeping”. Many people think that iGaming is an old-fashioned industry which is fine as it is. The truth is that this field is extremely interesting, and those with ambitions should keep up with all the latest developments in both the tech and iGaming industry. They will set the trend in the future.

Gain experience. It doesn’t really matter which role you start with. Just keep improving. The right management, like that at Delasport, will recognize and reward you for your talent.

Keep an eye out for upcoming iGaming Talks, featuring discussions with industry leaders.

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