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ICE VOX – American gaming is a successful long-term venture

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Bill Miller, President and CEO of American Gaming Association, said during ICE Vox on today (5 February), that the American gaming model is a successful long-term endeavor.

This comment was made during the ECA Opening panel: Global Associations at the International Casino Conference. Tom Nieman was the panel moderator. He is the principle of Apollo Gaming Group.

Ernest Stevens Jr., Chairman of Indian Gaming Association, and Erwin van Lambaart (President of European Casino Association) were also on the panel.

Miller named MGM Wynn and Sands three Macau operators who put Macau at the top of the world map

Miller explained how expansion by a few major US operators into other markets had been a positive experience.

He explained: “In the American Gaming Association we have tribal members that are exporting the American blueprint, what we call it, to other countries.”

Macau, a gaming epicenter in the world, is an example of how three American giants, MGM, Wynn and Sands, had the vision to expand Macau.

US Gaming Growth Shown Worldwide

Miller added that this growth can be seen in the Middle East.

He continued, “Wynn, who is building the Middle East’s first casino, continues to grow year on year in the US.”

This type of American model, whether commercial or tribal, has proven to be successful both in the US and around the globe.

Van Lambaart said the ECA prioritised strengthening the industry after the pandemic

Van Lambaart talked about Europe’s recovery after the Covid-19 Pandemic. He said that it was a success, but had to be prioritized.

Van Lambaart said, “We had the same experience as many other continents during this pandemic. Our first priority was to recover from that experience and strengthen the industry.

We organised and innovated simultaneously, and I believe that a large majority of our casino members have had great success. The same thing happens to us in Europe.”

He admitted, however, that the innovation was “quite problematic”, and that “in general regulators do not like innovation very much”.

Van Lambaart also declared that inclusivity was “absolutely critical” to the industry. He added, “new talent requires new role models”.

We have a duty to our community

Stevens also stressed the importance of tribal gaming organizations and their responsibility to those who play.

He said, “We are responsible for our community.” From day one, regulation. Security Day One. Day One – Responsible Gaming.

RegulAtion, security and responsible gaming are priorities, said Stevens

All those things exist for us to analyse, improve and become stronger. “We’re always examining the world, to not only create a safer future, but also for a better one.”

Stevens spoke about the importance of voting in the US Presidential Election.

Stevens added, “The fall presidential elections are the most important thing.” It’s important. We are a non-partisan trade association, and we do not get involved with any side.

We want to make sure that the Indian nation is strong. So we will get all of our employees and people to vote in the upcoming election.

ICE Vox takes place 5-8 February.

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