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Caesars purchases ZeroFlucs for enhanced trading capabilities

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Caesars Digital acquired one of their suppliers. The trading specialist ZeroFlucs, located in Brisbane, was purchased for an unspecified sum.

ZeroFlucs is a software company that offers operators software to overlay their existing data sources and partners in order to improve pricing. The company already had a commercial agreement with Caesars Sportsbook and its technology was integrated.

Caesars has now bought the company. Together, the two companies have launched a number of new products, including same-game in-game parlays and broader markets that are eligible for SGP.

This deal is part of a growing trend in which US operators are acquiring trading and pricing capability.

Caesars excited new capabilities ZeroFlucs brings

President Eric Hession stated that ZeroFlucs data science technology and trading software makes it a great fit for Caesars Digital.

Steve Gray, founder and CEO of ZeroFlucs said “he cannot imagine a more perfect platform or home for the people we employ”.

Our team is passionate about pushing the boundaries of sports betting. With the reach and resources of Caesars we are now able to focus on these experiences.

Gray is now senior vice-president of Caesars Digital’s pricing initiatives following its acquisition, while Carly Christensen has been promoted to senior vice-president of Pricing Technology.

ZeroFlucs is a new company founded by a group of individuals.

ZeroFlucs was launched in Brisbane in 2021. It also has a London office.

Gray started the company after working for Entain Australia as a trading manager.

Christensen, a former employee of Entain Australia’s trading division, joined ZeroFlucs as early as September 2022.

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