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Germany: Four out of 10 slot players are at risk for gambling injury

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According to a study conducted in Germany, four of every ten people who gamble on slot machines experience gambling-related harm.

Drogenbeauftragter , the Federal Drug commissioner of the Bundestag, has published the first scientifically-based report to measure gambling problem in Germany.

This is the first report to assess gambling harm in Germany. The report follows the legal launch of Germany’s online casino in July 2021.

This study used the latest data collected from an online survey conducted in 2021 on German gambling. The study was conducted after the Fourth State Treaty on Gambling, (GluNeuRStv), which aims to legalise the gambling market. GluNeuRStv led to the formation of a new regulator: the Gemeinsamen Glucksspielbehorde der Lander.

The report, “Gambling Atlas Germany: Facts, Numbers and Data”, states that the online casino is the most likely to cause gambling addiction.

Men are more likely to play these high-risk games than women. 46% take part in them weekly or every day, as opposed to only 35%. In Germany, four of every 10 slot players are at risk.

This study is based on the publications of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Addiction and Drug Research of ISD Hamburg and of the Gambling Research Unit of the University of Bremen.

Burkhard Blienert is the commissioner of addiction and drugs for the federal government. He said that more protections are required against slot machines as well as on-line gaming.

He said that “the Gambling Atlas 2023 is now available and brings all of the important data and facts about gambling together.”

This gives us the basis to discuss the best way to handle gambling and its effects.

Even in the political world, few people are aware of the high risk for addiction that comes with playing the game. He continued, “We urgently need to take more effective measures in order to combat illegal online and slot machines.”

Population exhibiting gambling harm behaviours

According to the Gambling Atlas Germany report 2023, 2.3% of Germany’s population aged 18-70 suffers from gambling damage. This is equivalent to 7.7% or about 1.3million people who play gambling.

They are classified by severity. Mild is 1.1%; medium 0.7%; and severe 0.5%. A further 5.7% of people show risky behavior and signs that they have a gambling problem.

In 2021 as well, 30 percent of the German population will be gambling. The calculation was based on those aged 16 to 70, and the 12 month period prior. Men participated in higher numbers than women at this time, 35% to 25%.

The study found that Lotto 6aus49 was the most popular game in 2021. This game, which is part of the Federal State Lotteries in Germany, was the most played one in 2021. Comparatively, 7% played scratchcards, and 5% bet on sports. Slot machines and casino game players accounted for roughly 3% of the population.

Participants by Group

In Germany, gambling has declined from 55% in 2007 to 38% by 2019. This decline was observed to be equally affecting both men and women. The highest participation rate is found in those between the ages of 36-45.

Men and women in the age range 21-25 years are 13% apart.

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