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David Mann and Swintt add more twists to the Dutch gaming market

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David Mann, Swintt CEO.

Since ten brands became the first to enter the regulated gaming ecosystem in the Netherlands at the beginning of October 2021, the Dutch market for gambling has been under some spotlight.

Swintt confirmed its entry into Fair Play Casino a little more than a month after the first, through an alliance formed with one collective of these mentioned above.

Swintt’s CEO David Mann noted that despite the global strategic focus adopted by Swintt in recent years, as well as the changing nature of the igaming industry, the Netherlands remained an area of focus.

He elaborates in a conversation with casinoBeats on Swintt’s strategy when entering a newly-regulated region. In addition, he hints at what to expect both inside the Netherlands and beyond.

CasinoBeats – It’s been more than two years since Swintt entered the Dutch gaming industry. Why was it so important to launch in the area so soon after the regulatory framework came into effect?

David Mann Swintt strives to be in as many markets that are regulated as possible. This is especially true when our content has been specifically tailored to the players of the area.

SwinttPremium slot machines have proven to be very popular on the Dutch market for many years. It was only natural that they would also make their way online.

We’ve noticed that since launching these games in the Netherlands we have seen players love, trust and know them. Many of our iconic favorites, such as Seven Seven or Extra Win, are performing exceptionally well.

We will continue to look for ways to bring these games alive and to ensure they are enjoyed by as many people as possible.

Can you please explain your approach to gaining a foothold in newly-regulated jurisdictions. What are the challenges?

DM : To follow up on the answer from before, we like to go into new markets when we are confident that the content will be well received.

We can tell that locals enjoy our titles because they have similar mechanics and themes.

We will also have contacted operators before entering the market in order to make sure we are able to get off to a good start.

Our compliance team is a great asset in keeping up with regional regulations and ensuring we are ready for anything.

CB : Which are the main trends that you have observed in the Netherlands, and how can you capitalize on them?

DM : I’ve already mentioned that Swintt Games are well known in the Netherlands, and our Premium slots have been doing well.

We’re working towards becoming a more data-driven business in 2024. However, our current strategy is based on the market’s feel. Our Dutch players are similar to their counterparts in Germany and Poland, in that they have more traditional tastes in themes and features.

SwinttGames will be introducing Dutch players to more innovative SwinttGames as market trends evolve.


DM : The answer is again based on the findings we have from our land-based business in the Netherlands. We are in a great position to get insights about players who also influence our online strategy.

We know that traditional fruit machines and slots based on the number 7 are very popular in The Netherlands. This is reflected in our Seven Seven games, which have been so successful there.

Online players are also enjoying some of our modern updates to these games as we strive for deeper engagement. Seven Seven Pots and Pearls, which revitalizes the original title by adding a jackpot in-game feature, is one example. Data shows that when partners promote this game, it is very popular.

Could you give us a hint about Swintt’s future plans in the region, based on the information gained so far?

DM : Swintt’s biggest development in the Netherlands is our partnership with Circus.nl. We have already experienced a significant increase in revenues ever since our first launch.

According to what we have learned from the market, we expect that two of our upcoming releases – Santa’s Pots and Pearls and Seven Seven Xmas – will be both very successful in this country.

Both games combine the themes and mechanics which have been so successful with Dutch players, with an added appeal from the seasonal release. We’re confident this combination will encourage further engagement by Dutch players over the next few weeks.

What are the main obstacles that the market needs to overcome in order for it to be successful?

DM : No matter where a business is located, its main obstacles are the same. It is important to keep up with regulatory updates and to ensure that you are delivering safe content which is compliant to all local requirements.

Second, make sure your tech is current and you are able to handle the new players who will come to your platform.

In any new market you are entering, you need to do a lot of work on data analysis and collection to get a clear picture of the players’ needs.

CB : What can Swintt offer in the Netherlands and abroad, as we approach the end of this year?

DM As always, we plan to enter as many regulated markets in the world as possible. Currently, our focus is on launching in Ontario and the UK, but we will likely follow with Romania later this year.

Vinnie Jones will be adding to the UK market with two new branded games in the next few months.

We want to ensure that our content is diverse and appealing to customers with a wide range of tastes. This includes our SwinttPremium line and SwinttGames.

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